Exton, Pennsylvania, USA
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Written By: Kenneth W. Rodgers, Jr.


This morning when I awoke to the evils of the world, I washed the lies off my face and when I looked in the mirror, two people stared back. One, the man I am now, one the man I am supposed to be
This reflection was the caged gaze at future insurrection
From past chains
Enslaving the truth of introspection into captive conditions
Coexisting in the oneness of my visage
This image casting glimpses into unseen tomorrows
I borrow this darkness take its raiments to cover inadequate spaces
That reflect the depth of one image two faces one faceless and I am the product of yesterdays deaths trying to marry this projection that cast sideways from the depth where I stand
He is boy I am man

We are lost in the abyss of disguise
Shadows are born to form scorn against deceitful self-lies
We must free ourselves of ourselves to be ourselves in highest form
When the shadows fall asleep the truth of who we are is born

Not my shadow
When he consumes the whole of me
Digesting the soul of me
Regurgitating iniquity
Streaming through blood pulse vein
Becoming me
Life hope name
Call him me
In essence
No more shadows we glow in holistic luminescence
And we bleed out past
March to liberate our journey like free at last
And we see no cast shadows
No dichotomy to split this image
No mirror with two reflections
No mental chains to stain the sane
For we have reached our insurrection
In the sameness of our freedom
I wake up morning purge lies look in mirror and see him and him alone
For we are one, when he wakes from sleep
Pure shadow don’t walk outside for he is me