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Helsinki, Central Finland, Finland | INDIE

Helsinki, Central Finland, Finland | INDIE
Band World Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press statements from around the world"

This is the new image of world music" Folk Roots/ United Kingdom

"This CD secures Gjallarhorn a safe place at the very top of Scandinavian folk music." Michael Moll / Folk World

"This group fuses contemporary and traditional music to create a unique experience." Horizont Music /Germany

"Grimborg is the third album from Finland's amazing Gjallarhorn, one of the leading lights of Scandinavia's lively folk scene. Grimborg is another stellar release from one of the most musically interesting areas on Earth." Michael Toland

"... this is full-blooded, gutsy beauty." - Folk Roots

"This CD secures Gjallarhorn a safe place at the very top of Scandinavian folk music." Michael Moll / Folk World

"This group fuses contemporary and traditional music to create a unique experience." Horizont Music / Germany

"This is the new image of world music" - Folk Roots "… their music reaches you though the language barrier with effortless beauty and strength". - Rootsworld

"..like nothing we have heard before by the quartet led by the celestial voice of Jenny Wilhelms; which to my concern, is one of the most revealing female leading voices of the nowadays prog scene and the one that has been eternally consistent." . This production is impeccable and a must to unpredictable and audacious proggers. You'll get hooked on their music. - Prog Archives - Various music magazines and critics

"Gjallarhorn CD Rimfaxe Review"

Published January 2007 edition


Originally hailing from the chilly climes of Ostrobothnia, (a Swedish-speaking part of Finland), the quartet Gjallarhorn have made some dense, dark, and sometimes 'difficult' music in the past decade. Their fourth album Rimfaxe gets the shadows-and-light balance just right, thanks in no small part to mixing and 'sonic design' by Bruce Swedien, also known for his work on Michael Jackson's Thriller album. There's a strong sense of place and adventurous narrative throughout this set of radically modern takes on medieval hymns and ballads, leavened with a racing 'bonfire song', a 'cow call improvisation' and more. The piercing, ice-clear voice of sole original member Jenny Wilhelms is their most striking asset, best heard on 'Hymn'. And the strangest sound is the extraordinary moaning of Göran MÂnsson's sub contrabass recorder, in place of the didgeridoo the band once used for drone effects. Master percussionist Petter Berndalen duets with Adrian Jones's viola on a polska dance and there are some marvellous, dissonant surges of brass on 'Silverbright'. It's not easy listening, but it's worth the effort.

Jon Lusk


”Ranarop” CD album 1997 (Vindauga Music Ltd.)
”Sjofn” CD album 2000 (Vindauga Music Ltd.)
”Suvetar” Music video 2000 (Filmed in Finland)
”Hjadningaríma” Music video 2001 (Filmed on Iceland)
”Grimborg” CD album 2002 (Vindauga Music Ltd.)
”Konungadöttrarna” Music video 2002 (Filmed in California, USA
”Rimfaxe” CD album 2006 (Vindauga Music Ltd.)
Gjallarhorn Anniversary DVD (Release, fall of 2011)



Jenny Wilhelms - vocals, violins (FIN)
Adrian Jones - viola, mandola (SWE)
Göran Månsson - sub contrabass-recorder, woodwinds (SWE)
Petter Berndalen - percussions, frame drums, bells (SWE)

Gjallarhon features world music that is firmly rooted in the Swedish folk music of Finland, as well as the Norwegian and Swedish traditions. Its talented performers offer a personal, punchy, yet nuanced sound-world which rings to the echoes of ancient traditions.Through their intense and witty interpretations, allied to an innovative combination of instruments, the group creates a fascinating landscape around their mythical medieval ballads, hymns and whirling minuets. They are one of the leading exports of Nordic music, and tour the international arena in fields as diverse as jazz, rock, chamber - and world music festivals.

International Awards:

The album “Rimfaxe” is BBC Music Magazine Choice of the month CD in 01/ 2007 issue.
Gjallarhorn´s CD"Grimborg", was awarded the prestigeous "Academie Charles Cros" prize in 2003,
given to 7 CD’s only, all cathegotries included.
2001 ”CD and MP3 of the month” award, (www.folking.com, England)
2001 “CD of the month” Etnisk musikklubb, (Noway)
2000 La Monde de la Musique “CHOC” award,(France)
2000 Trad Magazine “Bravos!!!” award, (France)
2000 Repertoire magazine “Recommandé” award, (France)
1997 Folk Music group of the year / CD of the year 1997 in Finland