George Janouris Band
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George Janouris Band

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Interview with Photographer Sean Dackermann"


"George Janouris Band are really starting off – they’re more of an alternative folky band but they just have songs that make you wanna dance a lot and that’s something that everyone can appreciate. It’s perfect for the summer." -Sean Dackermann - - Danielle_Pierre

"((GJB is currently seeking press reviews of their upcoming album "In The Rough"))"

-We are currently seeking press reviews of our new album "In The Rough," which is to be released in early October(date for release party coming soon). If you are with the press in any way, and would be willing to give our entire new album a listen and review, please send us an email with your contact information and we will be sure to get you the album in no time.

-There are two songs attached to this EPK, titled "Rocking Horse" and "Catch Me If You Can." Both will be on the new album and will be released as singles to the general public on August 3rd 2010. If you want to hear more and you can offer a press review of the album, please contact GJB as soon as possible. Thanks!

-As we gain press reviews we will be posting them, but in the meantime feel free to offer your own review! - George Janouris Band


-Our newest and first album to be released by GJB, titled "In The Rough" is expected to be released by the end of 2011. More information coming soon. Keep an eye out for two new singles that we will be releasing at the beginning of August 2011.



A little over five years ago, George Janouris began taking from the world all of the inspiration that he could reach, all that was given to him, and all that which seemed too divine at times to deny the gift in his own two hands. Soon enough, he found no better way to express those ideals, emotions, events, and relationships, than in the form of a song. Since then, he has been lucky to create and perform along side of, if not for, some of the best musicians and best of friends. Leading and collaborating for some time with two previous bands, a world renowned Beatboxer, and various other artists; George as a solo artist has developed himself and his songwriting into a smooth but progressive Bluesy/Pop-Folk/Rock alternative, and sometimes just a down-right funky creation.

Now the George Janouris Band, "GJB" for short, is bringing those original creations to life and to stage with an untouchable sound that comes from none other than a perfect matchup of six talented musicians and friends.

Here's the story of how GJB came to be...
It all started in July 2009, George had been performing as a solo artist for the last year and a half, and after a open mic performance at Hightopps Backstage Grille, a girl name Baby Love invited George to a drum circle at the Happy Hippy Haven to be held the following weekend.
It was at the Happy Hippy Haven that George met Chris Johann amongst many other talented musicians and beautiful, loving people. Being that Johann knows how to play every song that's ever been written, he quickly became the perfect and most talented accompaniment on the bass guitar.
Come December 2009, Scott Decker arrived at the Haven and in a collective jam he blew away all those hippies with his amazing harmonica skills. Rumor has it that he actually un-dreaded a dreadlock on someone's head in the next room. Needless to say, Scott melted some faces that night and George was quick to get him to continue playing along side of Johann and himself.
March 2010, George decided to take a spontaneous trip to Australia by himself to play music on the other side of world, study the Australian culture, and do some soul searching while he was there. By June, his search had brought him right back home to Maryland.
July 2010, Travis Winningham was on the back porch at a jam party, shredding bluegrass standards on the mandolin. It wasn't long after George sat down to jam with Travis that he had fell in love with the sound of mandolin in some of his own songs. Intrigued by the mandolin and Travis' talent, the connection was made and they have performed together ever since.
October 2010, Sean Bolan's Irish Pub in Bel Air, MD, George was warming up in the back of the bar when he recognized a familiar face. It only took two, maybe three awkward eye contacts before they had both jumped up to exchange names. It was John Fritz! Who played lacrosse with George in middle school days. In search of a drummer, and with a notion that John played, George asked of his current status as a musician. John explained that he was home and taking a break after studying jazz drumming for two years at Berkley, and that he would love to try out for the band. While performing at Sheffield Recording Institute in November, it only took one jam, one song to be exact, and George knew he had found the drummer that he'd been searching for all along.
Between the five of us, we had a very unique sound, but we all knew that there was something missing, a keyboardist! It was February 2011 and George was at Sean Bolan's Irish Pub after a band practice where the band had just discussed the urgency in finding a keyboardist. A man approached George at the bar and asked him how much he wanted for the EarthRag hoodie that he was wearing. Unwilling to sell to this jokester named Sonny, George got to talking to him about playing music. George asked Sonny if he knew any available keyboardists, and Sonny points across the bar and says "there's your man." It was Kevin Zeichner, and no later than a week after that meeting at Bolan's, he was now in GJB, and the band was complete.