Gjermund Larsen trio
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Gjermund Larsen trio

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | INDIE

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | INDIE
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"Gjermund Larsen trio: ankomst"

One of the reasons for the aesthetic rightness of so much Norwegian jazz is the easy accommodation it enjoys with the Scandinavian folk tradition.

Here's an example of that easiness. Larsen is a young violinist with an impressive track record, including time spent with the Christian Wallumrod Ensemble, which blurs the distinctions between folk, jazz and classical composition like no other group. Larsen's trio (fiddle plus piano or accordion and bass) plays highly melodic compositions which wander like jazz but root themselves like folk.

Nick Coleman, The Independent, 17. jan 2010
- The Independent

"The Stephane Grappelli of Norwegian Folk"

The Stephane Grappelli of Norwegian Folk
A prize-winning folk foddler, Gjermund Larsen is a top-notch musician and can clearly do whaterver he wants to on the violin. He also has the folk-jazz fusion equivalent of a killer rhythm section in Sondre Meisfjord on double-bass and Andreas Utnem on accordion and occasional piano. So the trio really didn’t need to start off their album as conservatively as they do. It´s not until “Regntung dag”, track three, that the first hint of something musically challenging comes our way, with a bassline worthy of Joe Chambers or Charlie Haden, meeting pensive, unusual fiddle line. The vibe is a little like Miles Davis´Kind of Blue, albeit with a warmer temperature than Davis´ ice-cool edge. Bass and accordion player get on so well together that you wonder if they aren’t about to form their own jazz-funk duo of a splinter group: who would hav thought the rhythmic huffing of a squeezebox could sound so simultaneously funky and calming? Things continue in a more promising direction with the solo violin piece “Umulius”, a showcase for Larsen´s considerable fiddle chops, while “Abelvaer” brings to mind both Mihavishnu Orchestra and Sigur Rós. Yet the music is always recognisably Norwegian folk music.
Songlines April 2010
- Songlines

"Moving compositions for Norwegian fiddle"

It says a lot about violinist Gjermund Larsen that he has been a significant performer with top Norwegian folk band Majorstuen and has also been a member of the Christian Wallumrød´s outstanding contemporary music ensemble. Fellow musicians across the generations are unswerving in their praise for this young performer and composer.

His trio´s latest release displays characteristically beautiful melodies, which soar heavenwards with a silvery warmth. Andreas Utnem plays keyboards and Sondre Meisfjord is on bass: two musicians who perhaps bring the intensity and depth we´ve become accustomed to with, for example, the Tord Gustavsen trio. One of Norway´s top percussionists Helge Norbakken also guests to great effect on three numbers.

Larsen makes the music on this CD completely his own and displays the ease with which he can move between genres: he summons up the greatness of Norwegian folk legend Hans W Brimi in the haunting ”Vals til Hans”, while penning his own impressive Bach pastiche on ”Bachslått”. There’s music inspired by classical composer Heinrich Biber. There´s a majestic and moving bridal march written for friends, showing Larsen´s characteristic simplicity of expression and capturing an enormous depth of emotion and creativity. And prepare to shed a tear or two during the moving ”Emanuelvals”, which ends the sequence, a tune written for a child born the same as the music on this CD.

This is an important release from someone playing a key role in creating the future of Norwegian music.

Fiona Talkington
- Songlines


Gjermund Larsen trio:
Ankomst - 2006 - Grappa
Aurum - 2010 - Grappa

Gjermund Larsen himself has contributed in ceveral releases with Majorstuen, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Trondheimsolistene, Det Norske Solistkor.

NRK and MIC - information center Norway "Tiny desk Concerts":

From Celtic Connections 2010:



Larsen’s proper debut as a composer came in the form of the work Brytningstid which was commissioned by the Telemark Festival in 2006. Double bassist Sondre Meisfjord and pianist/organist Andreas Utnem were featured at the premiere and the three musicians have continued the successful collaboration to date making up the excellent Gjermund Larsen Trio. 2008 saw the release of their debut album Ankomst (Arrival) for which they received a Norwegian Grammy the year after.

The musicians, their interaction, the arrangements and the compositions have had some time to evolve, and the material has advanced to perfection. Their second recording Aurum (Gold) has much of the same fine atmosphere as Ankomst, but with a more distinct shape and a clearer “Gjermund Larsen Trio sound”. The album is nominated for a Norwegian Grammy.

Backed by an enthusiastic Norwegian audience Gjermund Larsen Trio has approached the international music market and constantly collects great concert and album reviews abroad.

Larsen has succeeded in creating his own musical universe based on the traditional music of Nord-Trøndelag, but also with great influenced from other genres such as baroque music, jazz, contemporary music, pop, rock, bluegrass and Scandinavian folk music. Gjermund Larsen himself says that he digs up ideas from everything he listens to and all the musicians that he works with. The outcome is music that drifts nicely in the intersection between tradition and new invention, and with energy so vibrant that it stays within you everlastingly.