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"GK & The Renegades 17th December - Liverpool Academy by Guestlist Music"

We've been fans of GK and the Renegades since early last year when their EP arrived for review. Four lads playing jaunty, cheery pop music about those girls from over the water (Birkenhead), angel delight and the perils of drinking too much Sangria, hailing from Liverpool but sounding nothing like the psychadelic pop of the likes of The Coral these were a breath of fresh air.

Nearly 12 months on and they've slimmed down to a three piece, put together an whole new set of songs and are about to do the almost unthinkable...yes, tonight in Liverpool at their headlining gig they are playing Girls from Birkenhead for the final time. But it doesn't really matter in the end, as the new songs and new line up are taking the band to the next level - sounding much tighter and far rockier than the early songs they are well on course to make 2009 their own. - guestlistmusic.com


There You Go - Radio Sampler

It's Down To You - Radio Sampler

Girls From Birkenhead - EP



GK & The Renegades began in early 2007. They had a short intensive rehearsal period to learn some of the songs GK had written and then took them straight out to the streets, busking them in the middle of Liverpool and spreading the word. The video of Girls From Birkenhead being played on the street from this period has had around 19,000 views on Youtube to date.

The band then took to the road and gigged whenever and wherever they could all over the country. They supported established major label and independent acts and began to gather a large fan base in the north of England. They decided they should create a music video for their song, Girls From Birkenhead, and enlisted the help of Matt Littler to direct the video. The band would need a lot of extras for the video and in the true spirit of the DIY attitude that has characterised the band from the begining, they personally phoned every one of 80 extras to give them the details of when they would be needed for the shoot.... and then did it all over again because the director rescheduled after the last person had been called!

The shoot went well, the video was well received and it helped the band tremendously to promote themselves to a wider audience. It has currently had 35,000 plays on Youtube and has appeared on several digital TV channels. The momentum built by their own hard work and refusal to let things get in the way of what they want to achieve meant that the band became a regular headliner at the Carling Academy in Liverpool.

In the summer of 2008 the band took some time to re group and take a look at how they wanted to take the band forward musically. During this time they played a show at the Edinburgh Festival but were mainly concentrating on the fundamentals of what kind of songs and sound they wanted. After months of experimenting they came back with a bang. Their new improved powerful rock sound combined with the infectious melody, honest songwriting and energetic live show combined to create an altogether more complete and impressive outfit.

The band are currently recording material for release soon and booking gigs and festival dates all over the country....