Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopR&B

“United We Stand, 2 DivideXConquer All”


It is with considerable Interest from the contrary,

G.K.& EVO (4ULLD3CK) Olympic Gold Medalist they may not be, representing Cincinnati, OH
and haven't experience Oktoberfest, soberness thoughts are Championed to their lyrics that
are conscious metaphors based on local strain, being from the 7HILLS of the Ohio Valley
each song provides much confidence to the illiterate public eye of mainstream radio
that follows rotations.

Complied by these brothers in arms are GK & EVO, GK the leader by nature and brave-hearted
is the lyrically engine that keeps dictionaries feelings indignant , EVO gone beyond the future and is
the sacchariferous of the diremptation which creates the commodious sounds that bonds this breed for the "Perfect Storm".

Infuriated by counterfeited so called MAINSTREAM HIP HOP, and unlike the slaughter house radio's
stations no stone is left unturned, water-downed lyrics aren't considered metaphoric. This isn't Cinemax
after-hours soft-core pornographic material. At the earliest convenience find an exit REAL MUZIK just
touched down.


Graffiti:Muzik Vol,1