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Glacier Garden


Glacier Garden's music can be described as melodic rock. They charm and possess with the drama and sensibility of sweet melody combined with the steady crunch of old fashioned rock and roll.


Based in New York City, Glacier Garden was formed in early 2006 when musicians Will Folberth and Galen Criscione met. Each had been playing guitar for most of their lives and had been involved in numerous bands throughout high school and college. Both had spent most of their lives searching for the right band, and Glacier Garden was it.

New York native Anthony LoScalzo joined as the band's drummer shortly thereafter. He had been playing the drums for over 18 years and had been involved with many bands in the past – none that suited him quite as well as Glacier Garden. The band played a few shows in the City, but did not fully come together until the addition of bassist Jim Burkle. With the lineup completed, Glacier Garden began getting more frequent bookings at more exciting venues and recently recorded an EP, currently available on itunes and at

Glacier Garden's music has been described as melodic rock. Songs like "Beautiful" charm and possess with the drama and sensibility of sweet melody, while "Where You Been" and "You" deliver the steady crunch of old-fashioned rock and roll.

The band functions as a collective unit with the common goal of crafting the best possible songs to their ability. Their musical influences are wide-ranging, from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles to Radiohead, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Eels. The band members have grown up on classic rock which can be heard in their music, but they also forge a definitively modern sound.

Glacier Garden has built a following in the New York area playing at clubs, colleges, and charity events.



Written By: Glacier Garden

She is beautiful as far as I can see,
She holds me there, innocence meets death,
Perfection with a smile, time and time again,
Hold me there, bittersweet death

It's funny how she kills me with a smile,
I walk into her trap never to come back,
Baby, don't you hurt
I'm in something else entirely now.

It's funny how she kills me with a look,
I fell into her trap never to come back,
Blame it on control,
I'm in something else entirely new.

She is like a kid, or makes one of me,
Wondering what's become of me


EP out now!!

Set List

Where You Been?
Rusty Bedframes
There is Me and There is You
Everything Forgives You
Small Moments of Clarity
Damn You
Hey Hey
The Burden of One
Something Great
Find Someone Like Me
Tangerine (Led Zeppelin)
Free Fallin' (Tom Petty)
Knights of Cydonia (Muse)

Many more songs if necessary
45min - 1.5 hours