Naples, Florida, USA

Somewhat genre-less or a combo of too many genres, high energy, catchy Fl music... Rewriting the rockabilly books with new original music!!


The GladeZmen are an Everglades based band who like the Everglades share seemingly limitless boundaries and range. Their music is derived from so many influences, it will leave your head spinning by album's end. Hints of Delta Blues, Hank Williams Sr., The Doors, Jonny Cash, Tony Joe White, with contemporary bands such as Everlast, Nekromantix, and Hank III. The band was conceived in 2005 and by 2010 they are nearly finished with their third studio album titled "Big Ol' Monster"
GladeZmen have played all over FL at a wide range of venues and festivals, large and small.Some of these include the State Theater in St. Petersburg and a monthly spot at the Poorhouse in Downtown Ft Lauderdale, Everglades Seafood Fest(2011), and are slated to perform at the DeSoto Heritage Seafood Fest(April 2011) They have had the opportunity to share the stage with some great acts including The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Chop Tops, The Legendary Jaycees, Joe Buck and the GodDamn Gallows.
Nate A- Fl native, comes from a musical family, Full Sail graduate, formerly of ACL a successful North Florida hip hop.. also moderate success as a solo artist under the names Rubee Jaw, and Everglades Behemoth. Nate is also well known as a Producer to many hip hop artists both local and international.
Ant Killer-Also from a musical family,at 29, He has 16 years playing experience. He has become well recognized for his electrifying showmanship on the upright bass.
Chainsaw-Boasting the most experience of the group has well over 30 years playing drums and has played all over the country including several national tours.


2008 Self Titled

2010 Scalium Anarchs

Set List

Night Crawlers Blues (Original)
Maricopa County Jail (Original)
Moonshine (Original)
This Old Harbor (Original)
Can't Catch Me (Original)
Iron Head Sled (Original)
Mash Bash (Original)
Big Ol' Monster (Original)
Kahuna Diablo (Original)
Knuckle Draggin Scooter Trash (Original)
Drove Me Down to Drinkin (Original)
Ghost of the Great (Original)
Caxambas Kid(Original)
Grand Vision (Original)
Smokin Joe(Original)
Gator Augustus(Original)
Izzy Righteous(Original)
Big Bad Beaver(Original)
Holy Kow(Original)
Nail in the Coffin(Original)
bigger than you(Original)
Dead-man's Blues(Original)
Skunkape Song(Original)
Dang ol Fishin Song(Original)
Swamp Billy Mama(Original)
Burnin' Oil(Original)
Comound Swamp(Original)
Bone Dry(Original)
Fric and Dang(Original)
Heart of Palm(Original)
Everglades Echo(Original)
Bear In the Woods(Original)