Glad Fanny

Glad Fanny

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

A buttery chanteuse with a style navigating through the whimsical and the heartfelt, the kitschy and the sophisticated.

"This makes me want to make love on clean, white linens in a farmhouse." - Jenatari, rapper and best friend


Glad Fanny is Chicagoland chanteuse and ukulelist Tiffany Topol, often joined by violinist/vocalist Claire Wellin and violist/vocalist Cassidy Shea Stirtz. Topol crafts sophisticated and often haunting tunes that hearken back to old Disney film scores and Judy Garland while maintaining a unique complexity. Call it Cinderella Folk.

Tiffany and her band have sung, played, written, and recorded with several talented friends in the Midwest (Jon Drake & the Shakes, Anna Vogelzang, Gia Margaret of Little Light). She and bandmate Claire Wellin are currently on tour with Once the Musical ( Her EP, "My, my, my," is available on Bandcamp.


Young King

Written By: Tiffany Topol

and we'll never feel quite grown
even when we're congratulated for it
we'll just stare down into our crowns
for a young king is still just an old prince

an ampersand, an ampersand
my kingdom for an ampersand
I'd sacrifice my kingdom for a curve upon a page
a letter/number/symbol that commences in my chest
and tangles up and braids in her a pretty mess of sinew

I woke one day, I woke two days
ten thousand days did op' mine eyes
and the boy I am, I cried, I did not find her there
I fear I may have left her where old resolutions lie
ashes upon ashes with a stamen pushing through

perhaps she'll make it out of there alive
and if she makes it out, well
tell her to come wake me
'cause in hindsight I can't wait

Set List


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Re: bounds
Grass Patches
Walter and Babette
Cent Maris
Oh My, Harrison
Ah, Heart/I'll Drink to That


There is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)
Only Living Boy in New York (Simon & Garfunkel)

Various Holiday Classics!