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Eugene, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Eugene, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Don't Get Mad, Get Gladhander"

After Mitchell Chamberlain moved from Eugene to Seattle in 1997, he worked with Krist Novoselic and JAMPAC to overturn Seattle’s restrictive laws against all-ages concerts. Chamberlain returned to Eugene in 2005 and formed Gladhander, which overcame personnel changes and a fire that destroyed the band’s jam shed before signing to indie Hollywood label DeMille Productions in 2007. They’ve just finished their first recording, One Against Three.

Chamberlain’s devotion to Seattle grunge is potent. He’s a “huge” Alice in Chains fan and worked with the late singer Layne Staley’s mother on yearly tribute concerts. Unlike AiC, however, self-destruction and drug abuse don’t seem to be Gladhander’s main themes, though there’s no shortage of lyrical riffs on desolation.

In “Blind,” a catchy hook fills in space around such lines as “I can’t see when I am blind / Feeling like this most of the time with you.” “Space” streams forth with a surprisingly agile bass line that wraps through a spare guitar accompaniment. The whole album moves along like machinery, and with a full bouquet of minor keys, restrained-but-gritty vocals and melodies they keep on a tight leash, it’s clear that AiC is Gladhander’s main muse.

In January the band will travel to L.A. to record a video for one of the songs on their new album, and the label is exploring some unique street-level promotions to get out the good word on Gladhander. Meanwhile, all three band members are busy at home, having each had a baby girl born within the past year. Gladhander celebrates the release of One Against Three with First Sleep and Like Breathing at 10 pm Friday, Dec. 12, at the Black Forest. 21+. Free. — Vanessa Salvia - Eugene Weekly 12-11-08

"ChickenFish Speaks!"

Gladhander has a heavy punk sound with the bass leading most of the songs. The songs have that young band roughness that I heard many times at all ages shows during my college days. The music is nothing really revolutionary, but is the kind that great for getting out your angst, especially in a live show setting. They go mellow on the tune “Space” which contrasts with their overall sound, but then again they do seem like a group of musicians who are still at the point of emulating their favorite bands and finding their own voice.
-- Mite Mutant (2009)
- ChickenFish

"Review from Babysue"

The guys in Eugene, Oregon-based Gladhander play a modern brand of hard pop reminiscent of many of the hard grunge bands from the 1990s. The band's tunes feature hard driving rhythms, loud thick guitars, and appropriately masculine vocals. Formed in 2005, the band consists of Mitchell Chamberlain (guitar, vocals), Kasey Waite (drums), and Dustin La Roche (bass). The band has apparently become a favorite in their home town and its no wonder. The tunes on One Against Three are catchy and cool and the playing is super tight. The vocals kick ass. It's amazing there aren't more post-grunge bands around considering the vast influence the genre had on music for so many years. This album features twelve classy tracks including "Fit For a King," "Tooly," "Do You Have It?", and "Make You Hate Me." (Rating: 4+++++) - LMNOP/Babysue

"Review from Music Korner"

If you’re longing for the days when Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots were topping the charts, then this debut from Eugene, Washington’s Gladhander is here to continue carrying that torch. One Against Three contains a good mixture of hard-driving tunes with strong melodies and grungy guitars and a few slower cuts that along with Mitchell Chamberlain’s vocals are at times a bit Cobain-like and bring to mind Nirvana. While they definitely wear their influences on their sleeves, this trio is taking them and making them their own (check out “Pee Girl”). One Against Three is a disc that should definitely make the grunge forefathers proud. (DeMille Productions) - Geoff - The Music Korner


One Against Three - Album

Fit for a King - Radio

Tooly - Music Video



Gladhander is an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Mitch Chamberlain and drummer Kasey Waite in Eugene, Oregon. Gladhander has had 3 different bass guitar players including Dustin LaRoche, Rick McFadden, and David Ghelfi, who labels himself the band's "third and final bassist".

The band became a local favorite in Eugene, releasing its debut album One Against Three for the independent record label DeMille Productions in 2008. Singles from the album are played on a regular basis on KNRQ, Eugene's local rock station.

In 2009, a music video for the song "Tooly" was produced and released to critical acclaim. Directed by Nicholas Lam and produced by Mike DeMille and Wilfred Driscoll, the video won awards at the Las Vegas Film Festival, Oregon Film Festival, and The Accolade Competition. Tooly was also an official selection at SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival, Paranoia Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival, Crystal Palace International Film Festival, and Shockfest Film Festival.