Glad Hearts

Glad Hearts


Indie folk rock quartet that likes to get loud, but isn't afraid to get quiet either. We pass off instruments as the songs roll on, but in addition to the usual suspects, banjo, mandolin, accordion, singing saw, harmonica, trumpet, mini moog, and double drumming are all in there somewhere.


Glad Hearts is like the family car when your older brother first gets his license. We're out to see what we can see, and pick up some friends along the way.

No grass grows beneath our feet, and through the motion blurs and cracked windshields we've been lucky enough to see and hear a lot of beauty. The songs are meant to be a token in tribute of all that beauty, and we feel lucky to get to share them with others.

Glad Hearts is Cassidy McGrath, Mallory Leonard, John Valencia, and Ryan Bing. We began in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 2007. An EP, an LP, and several tours later, we're having a great time making music together.


-The Oak and the Acorn (LP 2009)
-Rutgers Review Best of New Brunswick Comp (2008; out of print)
-A Year in a Circle (EP 2007; out of print)
-Live in Jimmy's Room (2007; never in print)

Set List

9 originals all off The Oak and the Acorn;
1 cover ("Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden)

It takes about 40 minutes.