Lima, Provincia de Lima, PER

Hi all we are the glam band just out our new demo ep as an advance to the disk that will be released at year's end we are promoting this material in radio and TV for more information visit the respective links


More than a term that it defines a genre, a trend or a musical object, for the band, the name GLAM is the most nearby reference to the sensation that it they causes to enjoy the music, to do music and to enjoy doing music.

We think that GLAM was born officially at the end of 2005, to take part in a local rock contest, remaining fourth of among more than 80 bands. Since then, they initiate a musical tour that has led them to taking part in events that go from individual presentations or in group up to contests where always they have managed to place among the first ones.

After producing for themself a 6 tracks demo (Living in to bubble), and to take part successfully in the 2nd RADIOHEAD tribute (Peru), they decide to separate temporarily until beginning of 2007 when they meet again to take part in another contest where they achieved again one very good location, but that nevertheless did not manage to fulfil their expectations. From this moment a new stage is born in the band, with a sound mas forceful that will meet reflected on the disc début that is prepared for finish of 2010, (December).

The mean influences of the band, they go from the classic BEATLES and PINK FLOYD or mythical JOY DIVISION and THE CURE even those of more experimental sound as DEPECHE MODE or NEW ORDER and soloists like BOWIE and MORRISEY, besides the contemporary RADIOHEAD, PLACEBO, COLDPLAY, TRAVIS, SIGUR ROSS, BJORK, INTERPOL or ARCADEFIRE.

This one is probably one of the reasons by which all the lyrics have been written in English, achieving this way a major approximation to the sound which so much they enjoy.



forbidden sounds - new ep ( indie )

Set List

1.-Never My Fault.
3.-Everything but love.
4.-Nobody´s gonna wait.
6.-The Absolute
7.-Forbidden Sound
9.-Mistaken But Safe.
10.-She always knows how to say yes.
11.- The Secret.