Glancing Love

Glancing Love

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Our Music is: A romantic fusion of Gypsy, Celtic, New World, and Inspirational ballads and instrumentals with vocals, Celtic harp, violin, viola, cello, wood whistles, recorders, and ethnic drums.


Tidbit bio
Rachel and Theresa have performed together since 1991 as members of the Celtic Fusion group, The Strange Woods, filling the houses for a wide array of music venues with their wonderful sound. Now as the duo, Glancing Love, they bring to the fore a more vivid interpretation of their musical passion and experience.

Theresa's Bio:
Theresa Rochelle-Ross is a vocalist, musician and songwriter offering a vast wealth of experience from decades of creating and performing in the professional arena. Since singing and dancing her way into a career with a traveling gypsy band in 1977 she has been involved in the performance of Celtic and classic folk music in pubs, coffee houses, and concert halls across the southwest. Her multifaceted voice, with its passionate purity and lilting, ethereal grace, rises and falls over a wide range of melodic interpretations. She gives elegant accompaniment on the pennywhistle, recorder, Celtic folk-harp, and ethnic drums in a compelling style, unique and unforgettable.

Theresa is originally from San Diego; CA. where she studied theater and dance in school, leading to her dream of a career onstage. Her first professional venture began in San Francisco where she performed for tips on Fisherman’s Wharf as a member of a quartet known as The Everyman Gypsy Band.

The ensuing years have seen her as a centerpiece in four band incarnations sharing the bill with the likes of Scottish bard, Robin Williamson; of Incredible String Band fame, Dave Bromberg, Kate Wolfe, Will Millar; of The Irish Rovers, and Breton avant garde harp master, Alan Stivell.

Over the span of her career, Theresa has played many of the most noted Irish pubs, folk venues, street fairs and music festivals in California. Along with countless school performances throughout the years, her credits also include participating in an array of performances for church and community outreach fundraisers and special events, as well as providing music for weddings, and corporate and private parties.

Rachel's Bio:
Rachel Amov is a wonderfully accomplished, classically trained musician, with over 30 years of performance background to her credit. Evoking an air of sweet precision on violin, viola and cello, she entwines each note with delightful energy, or emotes with haunting grace, all the while captivating her audience with her mysterious and mystical gypsy flair. Rachel’s instrumental versatility and virtuosity brings to the casual listener and serious music enthusiast alike a most rewarding and memorable experience.

After early training on piano, guitar and violin, Rachel devoted herself to performing violin and viola with youth orchestras, later moving on to a variety of college symphonies and chamber groups. While pursuing her heart’s desire in music, she successfully earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Education. Over time Rachel’s interest in music went beyond the classical, leading her toward a fascination for Irish, Eastern European, Klezmer, and the broader “folk” genres. It was in these enchanting expressions that Rachel found voice for her inner gypsy. She listened, studied, absorbed, and then began performing with a variety of artists including violin virtuoso, Chris Vitas, the eclectic Celtic/jazz group known as Raggle Taggle, the eastern European and flamenco influenced, Electrocarpathians, and new age composer Kevin Keller.

Since becoming a member of Celtic Fusion group, The Strange Woods, Rachel has delighted and inspired listeners of all ages with her charming and innovative renditions.

As well as performing onstage, Rachel is currently teaching 6th grade curriculum at a private school in Encinitas, California, where she was awarded the city’s honor for “Teacher of the Year” in June, 2007.


The Mystic Blue

Written By: Theresa Rochelle-Ross


The moonlight and the starlight, sheer light on the waves
The streetlight, a bold light that fell on your face
We danced in cold winter 'neath a lamp lit by fire
By the dark sea watching breathlessly in her wandering desire.

There are places where lovers like you and I belong
Beyond the falling of history in the sweet lilt of song
Far away from false hearted promises unfolds a mystery
Close your eyes, awake from the dreaming, oh my love, and you'll see.

Kiss the fingers that have cared for you
Kiss away all the sadness and tears
Touch the face of gladness beside you
Ease the doubts of the withering years
Look deep into the eyes of love, they will never turn from you
Ah this love will go on forever, carried into the mystic blue.

Quiet beauty fell around us when our souls first entwined
Kiss again that cold night of stars, leave all parting behind
Time has come for calling to memory all the truth that love can bring
So be glad for our song together is a song with no ending.

Vous Vivez (You Live)

Written By: Theresa Rochelle-Ross


You, You are the sea
Offering white foaming lace at my feet
And the sun melting away
Into shadows of each dying day.

Comes the moon, I know You'll be with me soon
Comes the moon, I know ...

You, You are the wind
Whispering secrets, caressing my skin
And the scent of rose on the breeze
Like Your breath, gentle and sweet.

Comes the rain, You're here with me again
Comes the rain, You're here ...

You, You are my heart
Losing it's rhythm when we're apart
Ah, the birds hush in the trees
As You draw near, yet I don't see.

Comes the night, You're passing into the light
Comes the night, You're passing ...


Glancing Love self-titled EP

Set List

Our set lists vary depending on what type of performance we are giving. Outdoors in the Spanish Village Art Center of Balboa Park and in the Flower Fields in Carlsbad we play our full repertoire from the more New Age/Meditative, to our full wild gypsy repertoire. For a Labyrinth Walk such as we did for The Golden Door Spa in Escondido, we stick to the Meditative and Spiritual. For a wedding it is just as varied, one we played last year wanted absolutely all the kinds of music we can play without emphasis on anything in particular. A cocktail party asked us to stay more subdued and do our background music sets.

Our typical cover might be a song by Donovan or the Incredible String Band, although we do a bit of Enya as well, and some Loreena McKennit.

The length of our sets varies as well, depending on the venue and purpose. For background music we play longer than we might play for a show. Please check back later for a few sample set lists.