Houston, Texas, USA

Glasnost is a dance rock influenced band, very much in the vein of early '80's acts like Duran Duran, New Order and Depeche Mode with a modern twist. A live Glasnost set is a perfect mix between a live indie rock show and a club dance night. Listen and decide for yourself. You won't be disappointed.


“Glasnost sounds like warm butter spreading on toast. Soft, yet crisp.” Blouse – Omar 9/4/2009 LINK:
Aside from producing killer dance floor remixes, Glasnost is also a live, four piece, electro pop band. The band formed out of two electronic acts (Das Automatic & DJ Cuba Gooding Jr.) that realized there was something to be said for live rock show performances. By taking the elements of pop bands such a New Order, Duran Duran etc and combining it with the energy and sound of a live rock show a unique sound and experience was formed. Glasnost is unique in that the sound is never that of typical guitar rock but rather strives for layered vocals, driving dance beats using a live acoustic set drummer, and multi-layered instrumentation. All musicians perform on multiple instruments throughout the set as deemed suitable for the composition.


March 2009: The Great Divide [EP]

August 2009: No Survivor [Single]

March 2010: Glasnost Remix Grab Bag
Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People [Glasnost Remix]
Glasnost – Static [CubaGoodingJr Remix]
Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare [Glasnost Remix]
Mylo – Drop The Pressure [Glasnost Remix]

June 2010:
Yeasayer – O.N.E. [Glasnost Remix]
Rick James – Give it to me Baby [Glasnost Remix]

June 2010:
Glasnost Summer Pool Party Mix Set

July 2010:
Tiga – What You Need [Glasnost Remix]
La Roux – Bullet Proof [Glasnost Remix]

November 2010
Metric – Gold Guns Girls (Glasnost Remix)

November 2010
Kids at the Bar – Young Ones (feat. Glasnost)

February 2011
The Ting Tings – Hands (Glasnost Remix)

March 2011
Corridor EP (original single with remixes by Midnight Conspiracy, NightWaves & Kids at the Bar
Robot Dance Records

Forthcoming full length album due out July 2011

Set List

Glasnost Live Set:
A Glasnost live set consists of 4 members playing live instruments: live vox, guitars, bass, synths and drums, on stage.
Set lists are typically 45 minute to 1 hour running
time consisting of 8-12 songs. All material is original
compositions. Material is a combination of traditional
rock, synth based pop, and club based dance music.

Glasnost DJ Set:
A Glasnost DJ Set consists of Brandon Duhon (lead singer) and Dan Le (synths back up vox). The two do a duo, tag team DJ set. The style is in the vein of underground, indie, electro pop and French House Disco. It usually contains remixes of tracks ranging from Billboard top 40 tracks, to obscure early 80's post punk tracks, to indie electro tracks and more.