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Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
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"I Heart Myspace, Part 2"


Honestly, I’m not that big a fan of the whole nu-New Wave schtick — I missed out on it the first time around, for the most part, so it doesn’t have the nostalgia hold on me, and while there are a handful of folks out there who do it well, there are far, far more who just plain suck and yet keep on putting out albums. Locals Glasnost (which includes members of Das Automatik & DJ Cuba Gooding Jr.), happily, are in the former category, in my book — they do the disaffected, jaded pose as well as anybody, the vocals come off like Morrissey at his best, and they layer some nice beats & synths that sound menacing and melodic at the same time. A good damn time. -

"Little Piggies (No Survivor Review)"


Posted on Friday, September, 4 2009, by Omar

Good news - Glasnost have an album coming. What it’s called and when it’s scheduled for release i have no idea. Even the band is sketchy on the details, that’s how fresh this news is.

But here’s a teaser to tickle your little piggies with:

Glasnost – No Survivor

Their sound has matured considerably since the last time we featured them. That distinct tech-house sound, mixed with hints of disco, has gone from great to awesome faster than the onset of a mustard cringe. Glasnost sound like warm butter spreading on toast. Soft, yet crisp.

Play this track and bask in hearing something like Cut Copy at a pool party while Tiga skips in pink trunks and The Midnight Jigglos lounge about in floating couches, sipping martinis.
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Posted by Omar at 10:34 AM
Labels: Cut Copy, Glasnost, Midnight Juggernauts, Tiga
- Blouse

"Glasnost EXCLUSIVE - 'No Survivor'"


Posted on July 27th, 2009 posted by Johnatron

Our friends from Texas, Glasnost, have sent us this exclusive track. Get it here a full 5 days before anyone else. Glasnost just finished up a killer Midwest tour. The band played parties in Oklahoma Cite, with Trash Yourself and Kids at the Bar, Kansas City, with Nomathmatics, Springfield Missouri, with Black Box Revue, St. Louis with London Calling and Memphis. The band is currently in the studio working on new tracks for their full length album. In late October, expect an East Coast Tour. “No Survivor” is just great sounding synth-rock. - Disco Workout

"NYLONYLON MX:: Glasnost - Sounds of the Future"


Google Translation, Spanish --> English

sounds of the future
by: alfredo mejia
photo: ariel pena

One thing that is more secure, Bryan, bassist Glasnost, like broccoli and orange, for At least that is what first makes it clear as we prepare for the interview. Across the computer in an armchair with embossed animal sit the same Bryan, Dan, Omar, Chuck (NYLON misquoted Chuck as Chris), Respectively, bassist, keyboardist, guitarist and manager of the band, and through the cell have Brandon, the lead singer. With a new EP and two presentations at the last festival South by South West, Glasnost is one of the greatest bands in Houston, a city hardly known for his scene independent music.

The history of the band is summarized in a few keywords: friends already involved in projects music, they decide to pool their minds and something incredible, mixing a bit of electronics, pop, 80's synth, and especially rock. Brandon was drummer, but in the absence of a good singer decided standing in front of the microphone: "It was easier to get A new drummer, a singer," he says.

Despite having clear influences electronic Glasnost's music has a touch dark and dense layered with a sound very similar to what My Bloody Valentine. "We all love MBV, I think it has always been on our minds to When making music, "says Dan. "Obviously what we do is dance, but we get into showgaze whole wave, "says Brandon from the phone.

His latest release, The Great Divide is just a taste of what may do. Contains only three songs, "Come Alone, "" Static "and" The Great Divide ", in addition four remixes chosen through a contest in a blog. Glasnost is safe passages, "In the study we are very free to say our opinion. Glasnost comes from the word "frankly" or "transparency" in Russian, and decided to become the name, we can be objective and find Best for banda, no egos or anything that stand.

I can not resist asking about her song "Steal Your Thunder," which has never been officially launched. "It's one of our first song, people tend to like very much, definitely draw in some way, but we close a cycle. " The meaning, Brandon laughs: "I do not like taking out the laundry, but used to go out with a girl who had these great ideas but they never completed at the end I and she ended up doing was complaining that I used say 'you're stealing my thunder. " "In some ways it is stealing to make a song about it," Bryan said on the other side of the couch.

On its future plans, they commented who hope to release a new EP later this year, keep doing remixes and possibly a tour. "We just recorded three songs, do not carry a calendar of when to leave it all, but we are definitely working on that. " The be waiting. - NYLON Mexico



Posted by Flat Black in Indie Dance
Thursday, July 23 2009

It's 1:45 am, the club is packed, everyone just bought their last drink from the bar, the lights are just about go up and this track drops. This IS the last track of the night.

I first caught wind of Glasnost when I stumbled across a Kids At The Bar remix of Static. Just released is Trash Yourself's version of Come Alone. This remix is the one. Hard and dirty, with a slight industrial feel, ending in a more minimal beat to take you home. Got this last night and I've already listened to it 20+ times. So good!

I'm not sure if anyone knew about the remix contest Glasnost put out cuz it's really hard to find any remixes of the three tracks they posted. Actually the only ones I've seen is this one and the one by Kids At The Bar. Well the contest is over but the stems are still posted, you can get them here. Please remix Glasnost! This guys vocals are perfect! I vote DIGIRAATII does one for sure.

Glasnost - Come Alone (Trash Yourself Remix) - Feeding the Frenzy

"GLASNOST: A Conversation with drummer Paul Valdez"


By Lance Scott Walker
Photography by Anthony Rathbun
July 2009

Writers always interview the vocalist of the band. Almost exclusively. But this particular batch of locals struck me as one from which the drummer's perspective would be unique. Valdez is a much sought-after session drummer who has been on the road or in the studio with Chris Masterson of Son Volt, Eleanor Whitmore, Slim Francis and Houston's Homegrown Mando Saenz. He's clocked a lot of miles behind that drum kit.

I'm on the road a lot now, and usually when I'm in town... I don't really like to work in Houston anymore. I'd rather just have that downtime. Just go on the road, make a chunk of change and come home and just relax. But just in passing, I was at Rockin' Robin and a buddy of mine just mentioned these guys to me and I wasn't doing anything. And I can't remember exactly which one of the guys I talked to, but I think they were just using programmed drums at the time. Just sort of writing a batch of songs. And they were like 'You should come by and hang at the studio,' and I was like 'Well, why don't I come out and just jam?' The thing is, I fucking love to play, so I'm always just sort of dying to play with new people. So just, kind of on a whim, I went out... They gave me a copy of the songs so I didn't go in there totally blind, and, you know, we just ran down the songs.

They were actual songs. They were actual songs in every sense of a song, where there's a story in there. There's a melody. There's a beautiful harmony... all those classic things that real songs have. There's a lot of groups that don't necessarily have songs, per se, they just have kind of cool grooves and a vibe.

Yeah, just sort of a jam. And there was an actual structure of a song. I think the majority of my bread and butter has always been songwriters that I've always worked for. That's always what attracts me first and foremost: are there songs there? And that was the thing - to have songs. So it was just one of those things where I didn't think I would have the time or they would have the want for me to come on board. So I just let them know 'Man, I really dig your songs,' and then after hanging out with them a bit, the second ingredient was that I dug them as people. Personalities in bands... that's sort of the make or break it thing.

You know, if you're gonna be stuck in a hotel or van with guys for weeks on end, you gotta get along with them. There's gotta be some love in the air. So I kinda dug them in that respect. From there I said 'Look, I have considerable amount of tour commitments on my plate, and I'm more than sure I'm always going to, if you guys are willing to work with me, I'm willing to come on board in any capacity - even if it's for a couple of shows.' The thing I love about it is that it really has its leg in two worlds: one leg in that dance/DJ world, but then there's a whole rock 'n roll thing to it. There's a bass guitar, there's distorted guitar. There's those elements of that kind of hearty '60's rock 'n roll camage vibe that I love.

Yeah. We're trying out various ways to do it but the method we're using is sort of a classic scenario where we're running Ableton and they're feeding me a click track. So yeah, there's sequences on everything.

Yeah, I think so in the sense that I was... you know, I came sort of full circle. In that in one point in my life, I was taking bebop gigs, and was on that sort of jazz island for a while. Years ago. And now here I am doing this electronic thing, which couldn't be any further from that. But technology's grown, and there's a way to use it as a supplement and not a crutch. In a lot of ways, it makes for... in the best use of the word: a produced show. I mean that in a good way, not in some sort of contrived way. But you know, you're actually able to pull off the record. A lot of bands go and they make records and they don't even know how to pull them off live. And that's always disappointing. But if you use the technology as a supplement, it can make for a really beautiful, complete show.

No, not at all. I get called for so much studio stuff right now, and a lot of times I'll go in there - sometimes it's with a click, sometimes it's not. I'm just fortunate I don't have a problem. I know guys who dread clicks or just flat out can't do it. I think the trick is just relaxing and knowing that that click isn't going to go anywhere. So don't fight it, just kind of sit with it. That said, once you get really comfortable playing with a click, you can still push or pull. You can still push the chorus if you want to. You can still pull the verse back if you want to once you've done it enough. I think it's like anything - if you dock enough miles doing it, you'll feel comfortable. I think your initial reaction is to fight it. I think a lot of the music we grew up loving has push and pull to it. I grew up with organic music, so yeah, I remember my first foray into this, but I think the trick is not to fight it.

That's a good question... the devil's question. I'd like to say no. I'm very confident in what I do, and I think technology-wise... there's a feel that you get with a real drummer that you can't get with programmed drums. Even when I'm playing with a click, I can push and pull. I can give it a certain feel here and there. There really is not a drum machine that can mimic that. And hopefully there never will be (laughs), otherwise my utilities may get cut off. - 002 Magazine

"Glasnost - Come Alone"


Glasnost - Come Alone
Posted by Kiyoshi Matsutsuyu
Friday, May 8 2009

Glasnost is an unsigned band from Houston, Texas (where I live).
My favorite track, 'Come Alone' sounds like a remix, though it's an original production.
Their EP is available on Amazon, which includes 3 original tracks and a few remixes.

Go add Glasnost on MySpace and mention that Kiyoshi sent you in your add request, you'll get some exclusive material that I can't mention here.

The lead singer for Glasnost also releases original dance tracks as Cuba Gooding Jr.
I made his tracks available for download on my blog a few months ago.

Download: Glasnost - Come Alone - Kiyoshi Online

"Local EP of the Week: Glasnost's Great Divide"


By Chris Gray in Album of the Week, Only In Houston
Monday, Jun. 1 2009 @ 8:55AM

Great Divide EP

Since the '80s, bands that have dared to cross-breed rock and dance music have been all too happy to let their synthesizers do the songwriting for them - even the most successful ones like the Faint, the Bravery and the Killers. On its debut EP, Great Divide, Houston quintet Glasnost recalls all three without letting its electro impulses get out of hand - save opener "Come Alone," it's the guitars that drive these three songs forward as much as the drum machines, and the ringing riff of the radio-ready title track ought to make Brandon Flowers and company especially nervous.

"Come Alone," meanwhile, is a prime cut of widescreen synth-pop with its feet in the disco, its fingers on a laptop and its heart in the "ruined skyline" of Glasnost's hometown. Three remixes of "Come Alone" round out the EP, the best of which is probably the Kraftwerkian "Culture Prophet" remix, although the glitch-hoppy "Kids at the Bar" take isn't bad either.

With the Watermarks and Motel Aviv, 9 p.m. Friday, June 5, at Rudyard's, 2010 Waugh, 713-521-0521 or - Houston Press

"SXSW 2009: Todd Takes On Austin's Music Showcase"


SXSW 2009: Todd Takes On Austin's Music Showcase

Written by Todd Spoth
Apr 15, 2009 at 12:00 PM

GLASNOST: Chris and I headed to Pure to try and catch Miami Horror. While attempting to sift through the hundreds of SXSW promo emails I had received in prior weeks I came across this little gem; an Aussie group that’s 80’s sound is amazing, even if it sounds like a mash-up of Prince’s greatest hits. When a band started playing, we quickly realized that it was not Miami Horror, but we liked what we heard so we stayed. It was a band called Glasnost, from right here in Houston. I felt compelled to stay, not to support my hometown brethren, but because these guys rocked! Fun, dancy, electronic, out of my element, but a great time. Seriously, this type of music is 100% better when there are real instruments being played live rather than just a laptop and an MPC.
- Houston Music Review


March 2009: The Great Divide [EP]

August 2009: No Survivor [Single]

March 2010: Glasnost Remix Grab Bag
Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People [Glasnost Remix]
Glasnost – Static [CubaGoodingJr Remix]
Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare [Glasnost Remix]
Mylo – Drop The Pressure [Glasnost Remix]

June 2010:
Yeasayer – O.N.E. [Glasnost Remix]
Rick James – Give it to me Baby [Glasnost Remix]

June 2010:
Glasnost Summer Pool Party Mix Set

July 2010:
Tiga – What You Need [Glasnost Remix]
La Roux – Bullet Proof [Glasnost Remix]

November 2010
Metric – Gold Guns Girls (Glasnost Remix)

November 2010
Kids at the Bar – Young Ones (feat. Glasnost)

February 2011
The Ting Tings – Hands (Glasnost Remix)

March 2011
Corridor EP (original single with remixes by Midnight Conspiracy, NightWaves & Kids at the Bar
Robot Dance Records

Forthcoming full length album due out July 2011



“Glasnost sounds like warm butter spreading on toast. Soft, yet crisp.” Blouse – Omar 9/4/2009 LINK:
Aside from producing killer dance floor remixes, Glasnost is also a live, four piece, electro pop band. The band formed out of two electronic acts (Das Automatic & DJ Cuba Gooding Jr.) that realized there was something to be said for live rock show performances. By taking the elements of pop bands such a New Order, Duran Duran etc and combining it with the energy and sound of a live rock show a unique sound and experience was formed. Glasnost is unique in that the sound is never that of typical guitar rock but rather strives for layered vocals, driving dance beats using a live acoustic set drummer, and multi-layered instrumentation. All musicians perform on multiple instruments throughout the set as deemed suitable for the composition.