Glass Bodies

Glass Bodies

 Arvada, Colorado, USA

I can execute most styles of music because I take influence from all things music. I play electric guitar and compose music for all genres. I can write film scores, rock, metal, electronic, pop, atonal, jazz, orchestral, percussion, ambient, non-western etc.


Started music at the later age of 18 but quickly dedicated my existence to it.  Regularly immersed myself into 10 hour a day learning sessions, picking up whatever I could about theory and guitar technique.  I was addicted.  I ended up going to college for music. there I learned a lot and it was really great, but not for me.  It ended up a great tool that pointed me the direction I needed to go and what to learn.  I always learned best on my own time, actually applying what I learned playing and collaborating/picking the brains of those much better than I.  Music has been a never ending learning experience for me and limitlessly fulfilling.  I intend to go as far as I can with it, whatever that may mean.  I will never forget why I am doing it, and there will never be a point where I think I have learned it all.  Like many things in life, to proclaim yourself a master is to admit that you have given up.             



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