Glass Delirium

Glass Delirium

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Glass Delirium is a female fronted, progressive, alternative, hard rock band. The songs of Glass Delirium are very dynamically energetic, and have influences in jazz, classical, metal, pop, swing, and movie soundtracks. Think of it as if a Tim Burton film had a band.


Since conception, Glass Delirium has been exploring the depths of what it means to create. They are a progressive alternative rock band with roots in classical, jazz, pop, metal, and soundtracks. Vocalist Michelle leads this dynamic group with a diverse edge, teeter-tottering between the sultry and the powerhouse. She is driven by the atmospherically technical duality of guitarist Scott and pianist David, and supported by the rigid rhythmic manipulation of Aeon on bass and Pat on drums. Crafting a marriage between the marketable and the experimental, every song they write spins a web of individuality that radiates passion and pulls you by your heartstrings deeper into the stylistic niche they have developed.

Glass Delirium have toured, and shared the stage with these notable national acts:

Linkin Park
Black Veil Brides
Sick Puppies
Chris Cornell
10 Years
Fair to Midland
Powerman 5000
Wednesday 13
Dead Letter Circus
Wayne Static



Written By: Michelle Huerd

Biding your time you think it’s coming near, its coming near.
Biting your tongue and tasting what it’s like to bleed.
Hold my hand then use it as a way to wipe your heart out.
It’s never clean, we were just a dream.

You talk down to me when you look at me. It’s your eyes they say everything.
All these years I thought you were mine, reality sinks you’re killing time.

Yesterday I knew you like a song in my head.
The beating kept repeating you, my daily nourishment.
Starving now, the song it seems is taking over louder.
And the hunger seems the theme of you and me.

Feeling hopeless to get it right, reality is I have tried.

Now I see through your weak disguise, the change is how I close your eyes.
Maybe someday you’ll see with mine and know just what you’ve done.

The change comes now severing me.

Snowy London

Written By: Michelle Huerd

Will you come back, to break my heart?
Cause once you’re in, you cut your way out.

You are the snow in the sky. You are the color I see in my mind.

It’s over but can we drag it out for old time’s sake? You stay like a coward’s rain.
London creeped into my dreams of you.

We can pretend that you love the way I am.
Won’t be that hard, you faked it this far.

I will get you back, to me, or just for all this god damn heartache.
Be honest with me. Be careful I’m fragile.
You hung me with hope.

Simple Life

Written By: Michelle Huerd

I try to light the candle. But try as I might it doesn’t re-light and darkness shines.
Here I am back at the start without a purpose, without any spark, alone in the dark of your light.
I wanted a simple life

Maybe this time I’ll try not to cry and shut my eyes.
Even though I know it’s bursting with my blinding light.

Bring me the answer, say it all clear. Not wondering why you’re not here.
I wanted a simple life

Live for others and live for the days of waking to see your face again, and again.
And I live for comfort, the touch from your hand to feel it in my head, my heart and my hand.

Guess you didn’t really want that life.

Maybe this time I’ll say goodbye.

Beautiful Plaything

Written By: Michelle Huerd

I found a beautiful plaything, the one that lives inside my head.
From now on I can never replace you,
cause you can never, ever, replace the dead.

Let’s play with your ego in cage.
I’m gonna ruff it all up till it kisses back now, baby.
Sit down, take it out.
Let me get a good look at it before we break it, baby.

Your words read “trouble”, baby.
I see now, but you’d think they’d put that in the fine print, baby.
So I wanted something fly.
That doesn’t mean I want to fall so hard it breaks me, baby.

Like a brick I fall quickly. Like a brick you build a wall, babe.
Like a brick aught to be, like a brick weighs down the feathers in your metaphorical broken wings.

Untitled Lullaby

Written By: Michelle Huerd

Untitled Lullaby
This leap of faith, of haste, and no grace, has become too far for me to estimate.
The answer said so very clear, but it’s fallen on deaf ears here.

Who are you to leave, holding everything? Who are you to stain me?
I can carry dreams across mountains of grief, but still I fall down at your feet.

It’s hard to sleep, I think of your eyes.
There’s so much here and you’re not satisfied.
If days were love I would live years and you would die off last year.

Something lingers beyond me. I am finding it’s hard to speak.
Only one way to rob me, so gather yourself and think. It’s time.
Grab knives ,grab fire, drive out this heart.
Look closely ,think cleanly, you can’t talk it back.
Let me go back and I’ll take what is mine. Erase the shadows at your feet.


Glass Delirium Discography

Diamond Lullabies - 11/04/12
Thanks to a Monster's Many Heads - 08/18/09
Forgotten Serenade E.P. - 12/02/08

Set List

Glass Delirium can play sets of 15 minutes to 90 minutes. Acoustic performances also available.

Snowy London
Beautiful Plaything
Over the Ice
Funeral of Eighty Days
Untitled Lullaby
Convalescence Dawn
Consequential Halo
Simple Life
Whore of Greiving
Red Shift
Beside Myself
Vanished by the Red
The Clearing
Separate Ways (World Apart) - Journey cover