Glass Doll

Glass Doll


Glass Doll is a shoegazing post-punk band with infectious tunes and captivating lyrics. With their blend of heavily effected bass and guitars, syncopated drums, and story-telling lyrics, this NYC trio's 2 self-produced EPs deserve a spot in every music library!


A band initially formed by L.D. Catastrophe, who combined a love for experimental rock, post-punk, indie rock, glam rock and classical music with an affinity for stories of horror and tragedy. Out of these influences, Glass Doll was born.

A series of unexpected and random occurrences before Glass Doll's farewell to CBGB's performance led up to jLo's entrance to the band. His mastery of the drums and rhythms that span the range of danceable, tribal, syncopated, and waltzing never fails to impress.

Now, with a sound falling somewhere between the icy post-punk of Leeds and the glitter in the gutter of LA, add in the flavor of the hardened, art-damaged streets of New York City and there lies the
proof that Glass Doll is here to stay.


(2006) Blissfully Dead EP
(2008) Hands/ Insomniac Paraphiliac EP

Set List

Sets are generally 30-40 minutes long and contain 8-10 songs, including the occasional cover. Most recent set is..

01. Egocentricity
02. Fake Eye~Brightest Smile
03. When Happiness is Comatose
04. Hands
05. Dance
06. Insomniac Paraphiliac
07. Untitled
08. Believe the Silver Screen
09. Blissfully Dead