BandRockNew Age

Glasser is a band-like recording and performing act, born out of dreams. Cameron Mesirow writes songs with large emphasis on abstract vocals, designed for multi-layered performance which incorporate as many different singers as she can find.


Glasser, aka Cameron Mesirow, dropped a bundle of precious gifts on the world a few months ago. Her rhythms stutter and shuffle along like Garage Band incantations of Moondog and Arthur Russell but her voice conveys a memory, salt and peppered with joy and sadness that makes everything stick. Inexplicable flashes of fogged out familial dens mix with tinking radiators and whispering forest worlds.

Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, has one of those voices that you want to keep hearing. Her innovative singing is the nucleus of this band (though band is too limited a word). The creative entities brought into its orbit are testament to her music’s quality and power: Accompanying prerecorded iPod tracks is live guitar by Matt Popieluch, backup vocals by Rebecca Spielman and Madeline Gorman, choreography by Los Angeles–based “dance democracy� bodycity, and custom stage outfits for Mesirow by Ida Falck Œien. Glasser is one person’s project that has inspired the collaborative efforts of many.