Glass Gentlemen

Glass Gentlemen


Well, we kind of sound like Depeche Mode got stuck in an elevator with Massive Attack while on the way to meet Portishead, Aphex Twin and Underworld for drinks at a lounge club.


Circa 2000....The group "The Influence" was formed with members Jason Compo, Joel Compo and Joshua Jones. Well technically it all started when we became friends in early 1998 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. However, it wasn't until a couple of years passed that our interest in producing music was peaked. We started out as consumers, gradually becoming more heavily interested in various forms of electronic music. As our interest in music became less passive and more passion, it was seeming more inevitable that we would have to start writing our own music in order to fill this need. As it turns out, that didn't seem to satisfy either. We began with only a Roland MC-303 producing simple and frankly, amateur electronic music. Seriously, it was pretty bad, but we didn't know that at the time. The 303 did get the job done while we played around but it soon became evident that in order to get the sound we desired it would take more equipment than that. We didn't really take writing music too seriously for quite some time, but we really wanted to sound good anyways, for our own piece of mind. Frustrated with the prices of proper equipment and a lack of knowledge of what to even purchase, we dabbled some more, but with minimal success. It seemed like it just wasn't going to work out and our interest in writing soon faded. However, that was short lived. All members remained friends and explored a variety of electronic music, whether individually or collectively, during this hiatus. Over the next few years we began purchasing more equipment and upgrading what we did have, even if only one small piece at a time. We still sort of considered it a hobby, even though we all knew that we'd like it to turn into something serious. Some time passed working on the new equipment and there was a noticeable change in the quality of our recordings. As we saw increased potential and got serious about recording, it was becoming more apparent who would be sticking around for the next phase of growth. So we made changes. Still under the guise "The Influence", minus one Joel; Jason and Josh continued progressing towards a more well rounded sound. Finally, in 2005, the remaining band members changed their name to "Glass Gentlemen", hoping to reflect our more mature productions. We are currently working on our first full length album...The Esoteric LP. The style of this album is going to be mainly Trip Hop and Electronica with some of the tracks on the album having been likened to Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, and Aphex Twin, if that gives you any idea. We hope to have it out early 2007.

Set List

We can play up to about an hour and a half.
Our set list usually varies but our last set list went like this:
Sapphire Door
It's Over
Zero Person
Wide of the Mark
Some Rain No Sun
Going Down
A Means to an End
Begin Stage Two