Glass Goblins

Glass Goblins


Psychedelic funk for your life. Rocknroll songs, ambient jams & harmolodic improv from skilled musicians who want you to boogie like electrified frog's legs.


GLASS GOBLINS is a rocknroll band.

5-Track plays the electric guitar and sings. He also writes the tunes and engineers the recordings. Sounds are derived from funk and heavy rock, Japanese psychedelic music, free jazz and world musics of all kinds.

Evan and Patrick had been listening to the music of the 5-Track for years before joining the band. The results are tight and intuitive.

Marc Cantlin or Woody Frank contribute to our sound with a second electric guitar, depending on our geographical location. Woody plays with Evan and Patrick in the group known as Variety Pack. Marc and 5 have been playing music together since 1992.

We mix our original songs with improvised jams in an ambient/funk mood, to create music both ritualistic and trance-like and to take you there with us.

The name "Glass Goblins" comes from a short story by Harlan Ellison. Our use of the name has to do with the all-natural mind-expanding properties of music.


Space Angel

Written By: 5-Track

For my friends Angela and Estella

The Space Angel gave birth to a star
No evil rats live there
I don't know you but I know where you are
and I know you are everywhere

On Cupid, on Prancer, on little Zen Dancer
The sun disappeared and the weather grew mild
At quarter past Gemini she made double-Cancer
Sing to my DNA, sing to me, child

Heaven is glowing, the lights are like Mars
through soft camera filters, a kiss to the world
the Space Angel gave birth to a star
Your engines of creation, woman, gave us a girl

Lunar Sunrise

Written By: 5-Track

This is an instrumental, so I will tell you instead about the fracto-holographic wave-aspects of time... That synchronicity is more a technical observation than a fluke, like how all of Angela's relatives (including her daughter and her daughter's father) were born at astrological cusps... That humans evolved from panda bears in the shadow of the StarGoat's gaping maw using Mule's Teeth for pickaxes and eating termites with chopsticks.

Welcome to the land of the Glass Goblins.

I Don't Know What To Do

Written By: 5-Track

I don't know what to do
and I don't know what to say


Written By: 5-Track

Kira, don't be sad
Black-haired devil took all that you had
Kira, don't be sad
Flat-horned devil took all that you had

Time was when the cock crow you could hear the sunrise
Now you're settling in too young to old and wise
All the long electric miles of stumbling down cathedral aisles
Oh, no - here comes the bride

Kira, don't be sad
Black-haired devil took all that you had
Kira, don't be sad
Flat-horned devil took all that you had

You got everything you need and tough like an ox
You ain't smiling now and stone like a fox
Time is not a hiding place and I am not a pretty face
You are a friend to the cyclops


(4 song ep)
2007 Neptune Research

"Glass Goblins: Live at Chop Suey"
2006 Neptune Research

Our 1st full-length studio disc
"Lost Soul Island"
is on the way!

hear samples at

Set List

A set can be 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the time available and the mood of the room. We don't play any covers.

A typical setlist might include:

Don't Know What To Do
Lunar Sunrise
Space Angel
Morning Train
A Guitoracle Question
Wes' Mood
Godless Weather
Lost Soul Island (Can't Find The Ocean)
Preacher's Last Stand
Easy Way (Out Of Touch)
Watch Your Step

and usually a lengthy improvisation or two