Glass House

Glass House

 Oakland, California, USA

Critically acclaimed original acoustic world fusion duo combining vocals and vocal percussion with 8 string guitar/bass, acoustic guitars, harp guitar and tabla in music that blends rock, folk, jazz and world music elements into songs featuring intelligent, timely lyrics and rich musical textures.


Based in Oakland, CA, Glass House originally formed as a songwriting/recording duo. We are currently in production on our third CD. Our songs combine elements of pop, rock, jazz, folk, and world music.

David Worm:
A native of Oakland California, David began his singing career in 1985 with the Bay Area groups Jazz Mouth and Vocal Front. In 1989 he became a founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra and has remained a regular performer with McFerrin, featured on recordings, videos, and touring internationally. David is also one of the founding members of the a cappella group, SoVoSo, an internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble which has released six CD's and tours worldwide. Other current performing projects include touring and teaching in the innovative improvisational trio WeBe3, where he teams up with dear friends and vocal powerhouses Rhiannon and Joey Blake, collaborating with spoken word artist PC Munoz and his band Left Hook, and singing and performing with the Bay Area's own Miribai Ensemble. David has over fifty recording credits as a session singer, vocal percussionist, and writer, and his original music has been recorded by groups both nationally and internationally.

David has worked extensively with the Bay Area dance community, having scored or co-written numerous full-length works for Robert Moses' Kin (one of these projects being a recipient of the Isadora Duncan Award), Oberlin Dance, Tandy Beal, Project Bandaloop (an Isadora Duncan Award nominee), Cherie Carson, June Watanabe, and Suzanne Gallo. David's music has also been used in scoring the film documentaries "StepUp" for Canadian director Tamas Wormser, and "Love Francesca" for producer Julie LaSalle.

David has taught improvisational singing and vocal percussion at the Omega Institute in New York, The Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, and regularly teaches vocal improvisation and vocal percussion throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Mark Vickness:
A composer by training, Mark has written, produced, and performed in a wide range of styles. his formal training includes a bachelors degree in music from Clark University where he graduated with high honors in music, as well as a Master Of FIne Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts where he studied composition with Pulitzer Prize winner Mel Powell and sitar with Amiya Dasgupta, a disciple of Ravi Shankar. He has written several film scores and scored music for numerous dance pieces.

As a performing artist, Mark has played and studied rock, jazz, classical, and folk guitar. He currently focuses on acoustic, steel string guitars (6, 8 and 12 string) and harp guitar using original tunings, harmonics, percussive techniques and looping. He studies tabla with Tim Witter and Ty Burhoe.

Of his work with Glass house, Mark writes: "It's always been my dream as a musician to have a vehicle to combine a range of musical styles into a form of music that hopefully presents as an original organic, emotional experience. We strive for music that can move an audience a number of different ways. Whether someone is drawn to rich textures, colorful voicings, Dave's phenomenal singing, and vocal percussion, or relates to a highly personal lyric, the emotional connection with our audience is at the heart of what we do".


Bring Me The Hammer

Written By: Mark Vickness/David Worm

The border that divides us surely helps provide us with reasons for hatred and fear
The rising voice inside us longs to speak the truth denied us
the love of power deprives us of what we hold dear
National security,
what of our integrity
you play upon our fears
somebody bring me the hammer, I'm gonna tear down the wall
I'm gonna tell all the people
the wall must fall
the wall of illusion, the wall of fear, the wall of hatred
must be brought down
A river flows between us,
a wall surrounds us
a feeling lies low
A door an invitation
resist and face frustration
but don't let it show
a gesture my heart expands,
a kiss and I lay my plans
shatter them, my wall still stands
somebody bring me the hammer, I'm gonna tear down the wall
I’m gonna tell all the people
the wall must fall
the wall of illusion, the wall of fear, the wall of hatred
must be brought down


Written By: Mark Vickness/David Worm

what if lambs couldn't be led to the slaughter?
what if men could be led by our daughters?
what if sons grew up strong like their mothers?
what if enemies transformed into brothers?
what if dying was revered and respected?
what if love was believed and protected?
what if war was a story never told?
what if justice was a passion never sold?

Live, is this how we live?

what if beauty never struggled for a home?
what if hunger was a seed never sown?
what if work wasn't slavery?
what if freedom wasn't freedom to be?
what if power was just rage in disguise?
what if truth never aged never died?
what if fear was ancient history
and we set ourselves free?

Live, is this how we live?

Build A Bridge

Written By: Mark Vickness/David Worm

from yours to mine to right to wrong
from those who die young to those who live long
from those who stand to those who stand aside
from those who stand shouting down the great divide
build a bridge build it longer build a bridge build it stronger
from those escaped to those who stayed
for the bleeding landscape on which they laid
from those who bear arms to those who disappeared
for all the nameless staring down their fear
build a bridge build it longer build a bridge build it stronger
for all the mourning mornings for all the sacrificial sons
for all the smoldering embers doused their work undone
for all the numbered forearms for all the blackened knees
for all the callused fingers reaching for the dream
build a bridge build it longer build a bridge build it stronger


CDs: Why Follow (1995), Questions (2001)
EP: Bring Me The Hammer (2008), tracks available on itunes,

Set List

Performances can be either small venue, purely acoustic or larger venue with sound reinforcement. Set list: Bring Me The Hammer, Turn Away, Be of Love, Questions, One Planet, What Do Words Mean, Thank You, Long Way Down, Where I Belong, What's Left Behind, Am I Forgiven?, Build A Bridge, Rain, Tabla/Vocal Percussion improv.

Covers include: Free Fallin' (Tom Petty) and Broken Arrow (Robbie Robertson)