There is subtlety, there is punch and at times there is a manic craziness that slides off the stage.


Glasshouse take to the road this winter, earning their reputation as Brisbane's hardest working band, by clocking up thousands of Tarago miles as they travel from Brisbane to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and in between, to promote their latest single, Only Cold, taken from their debut album, Restore Factory Settings

Only Cold deals with the idea of people anesthetising themselves to the suffering that goes on around them, so that it's easier to get on with the business of selfishly consuming large quantities of precious, non-renewable resources. After all, if you don't think about it, it isn't really happening...right?

"The long-awaited LP from this Brisbane alternative-rock quartet is nothing short of excellent." (Time Off)

Restore Factory Settings is immaculate, utterly without weak points, and comparable to the highest-calibre local or international act. If it doesn’t appear on plenty of shortlists for ‘best of 2006’, it should” (Beat Magazine)

"The songs are well written and the melodies memorable, the band consummate professionals." (Rave Magazine)

"For a virtually unknown, unsigned pop rock band from Brisbane, Glasshouse have delivered a surprisingly mature and well-rounded album of moody pop-rock." (Screaming Bloody Mess)

"Glasshouse, the hidden gem of the Brisbane music scene. The delight of their obvious lyric talent is they don't do their questioning perched on a soapbox ranting about their woes." (Tsunami)


One Night In Your Skin

Written By: Glasshouse

you are the doubt that i never live without
and it shows, through the cracks when your foot is on my back
and i choke

give me one night in your skin
so i can find out what you are
give me one night in your skin
so i can touch it…
i can break it…
i can…

you took the life that i always should have had
and it’s safe where you sit
while i’m wallowing in shit……
in shit

give me one night in your skin
so i can find out what you are
give me one night in your skin
so i can touch it…
i can hold it…
i can squeeze it…
i can break it…
i can…


Written By: Glasshouse

i'm a million miles away from home
safe as long as i'm alone
see i'm aware you break me down
as my last thoughts go underground
no way i'm not going down
your way over you
you fell down
i told you not to try
people talk
and they're seeing me with you
you disappointment me boy


"Restore Factory Settings" LP Oct 2006 (Bonefinger-MGM)
"Disappointment" Single 2006 (Independent)
"Nothing Comes of Thinking" EP 2005 (SonyBMG)

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