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Glass Intrepid

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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"Hometown Showdown bands deliver for fans"

February 11, 2007

“Saturday night's inaugural Hometown Showdown was a bit of a marathon -- seven bands in six hours. While my feet were done with the concept of standing by 1 a.m., that's about all I can complain about after a night with a steady crowd, a great venue and solid performances from each band.”

Glass Intrepid

“Glass Intrepid looked beautiful on stage. The band's dramatic sheen and overall uniform look was hypnotizing under all of those moving, pink lights. I could see why the girls in the front were screaming and I could understand why, earlier in the evening, girls were asking the band members to sign their Glass Intrepid shirts. These guys look like they're already on MTV.”

“Much of the crowd enjoyed it. Especially enjoying it were the preponderance of young, lip-locked couples in the room. Some stood in the middle of the room, hidden in the dark, others stood against the only well-lit wall of the club.”
- The Houston Chronicle

"These guys deserve a deal with a major label!"

The Texas based modern rock band Glass Intrepid are really good at writing radio ready rock,their 6 track debut EP "Whatever it takes" should lift the eyebrows of any Breaking Benjamin fan.

They are managed by In De Goot entertainment who also are responsible for 3 Doors Down,Earshot,Saliva,Theory of a Deadman and Puddle of Mudd to name a few.

GI just released a full length album titled "The best is yet to come" containing 6 brand new tracks plus 3 tracks off this EP - "Good enough","Only one" and "So perfect".

Now should you concentrate on the new one instead of this EP,ofcourse not! The other 3 songs only available on "Whatever it takes" are good enough to own a copy of this EP as well.

These guys deserve a deal with a major label! -

"Intrepid not made of 'Glass'"

"Ay, where you at?" guitarist Robb Marshall calls to the crowd.

"Ay, over here!" fans chant back. They've rehearsed the routine many times in alternative band Glass Intrepid's hometown, Houston.

"Everyone knows it," lead singer Bryan Scott said. "We gained a good fan base in Houston."

Glass Intrepid was founded when Scott and UTD student Reed Lang were in high school together in Houston. The group made a name for itself in the music scene, forging contacts with local clubs and radio stations.

Six years and a few lineup changes later, the mainstream alternative rock band has relocated from Houston to Dallas. The members are: guitarist and vocalist Scott, bassist Lang, guitarist Marshall and drummer Corey Spahr.

A few months ago, the members decided to move to Dallas while Lang finishes his degree at UTD, leaving their fans and a long history behind in Houston. Now they live together in a four-bedroom apartment in east Plano.

"We moved in together for the band, so we don't have to worry about practice," said Lang, computer science junior. "If we need to book a show, you just go down the hall and say, 'Hey, can you play Thursday?'"

Armed with a motto of "Whatever it takes," - also the title of their most recent E.P. - the band has played more than 100 shows across Texas. Their local recognition also allowed them to share a stage with nationally recognized bands such as Papa Roach and 3 Doors Down in Houston's Buzzfest.

Despite that they are "starting over" in Dallas, Scott said the vibrant music scene and regional access of the area has given them countless connections and a steady stream of gigs. Their next performance is Oct. 23 at the 102.1 KDGE "The Edge" Homecoming concert at the Smirnoff Music Center. Glass Intrepid will play on the side stage as the opening act for bands like Our Lady Peace and Fall Out Boy.

"It's easier in Houston because people there already know us," Scott said. "But I have a feeling that Dallas, with our style of music, is going to be a lot better for us. I love playing in Dallas."

Glass Intrepid also previously released "Cali EP," and "Whatever It Takes" is usually available at their shows. Their music video, "Good Enough," can be viewed at

The best friends all cite dreams of becoming professional, full-time musicians. But they're also realistic - most are working toward, or have already received, a college degree.

They describe their live shows as intense, admiring mainstream band Story of the Year's onstage backflips and leaps. At one point, their own audience was jumping so hard they broke the floor at Java Jazz Coffee House in Houston.

"There was so much energy in the room - that's one we always hear about, 'Remember that time you broke the floor?' We thrive on live performance. You hear music and you want to move," Scott said, joking. "It's our only workout, so that's why we play so much."

As roommates, they admit living and working together can be a strain. But, they said, they play shows often enough that they don't need to rehearse constantly. And regardless of any differences, they said it's a lot of fun living under the same roof - especially given that some have known each other since childhood.

"There's actually a picture of Bryan and I on our fridge. We actually still have our baby teeth there," Marshall said.

The members said they like to keep a humorous side. Lang recounted when Marshall got up in the middle of a taped TV interview and proceeded to hang upside-down from the rafters, continuing the interview straight-faced.

"I did pump gas in my underwear one time," said Marshall, matter-of-factly. "Corey was in kind of a bad mood, so I thought, 'I'd like to cheer this guy up.'

"They were tighty-whities," he added.

Spahr said the band has begun videotaping their antics as they try to gain footing in Dallas, hoping to spread out regionally. Most importantly, the members said they are holding on to the dream of playing full-time, entertaining audiences and connecting to their experiences through music.

"We love playing shows. It's tiring, it's tough and it's worth it," Scott said. "We'd play every single day if we could." - The UTD Mercury

"Glass Intrepid knows how to put on a show"

The seeds of Glass Intrepid were planted a decade ago, but the slick quartet rocks with the fiery fury of a fledgling band.

Bryan Scott (vocals, guitar) and Reed Lang (bass) met in the eighth grade and immediately connected through music.

"I was playing piano at the time. I hated it. I wouldn't hear Bach on the radio," Lang remembers. "Bryan was in a band, and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world."

The pair has gone through several incarnations of the group, which now includes Corey Spahr on drums and guitarist Robb Marshall, who joined three years ago.

Scott, a charismatic frontman, wasn't always comfortable in his role. He was originally the group's guitarist.

"My whole life I had been trying to sound like somebody else," Scott says. "It was a matter of really just finding my voice."

Lang offers, "The music has changed so much. I believe everything happens for a reason, and each time we added a member or lost a member. I can see how that brought us to the place we are now."

The current vibe is a polished, radio-ready rock groove that veers between full-throttle growls and fist-pumping melodies. It's capped by impressive styling and image, a key factor often lost on local bands. These guys aren't afraid of a little eyeliner or hair gel.

"We've definitely prided ourselves on trying to find some kind of cohesive image. We've worked over the years on a lot of different things to find what we have now, what works for us now," Scott says. "It's (also) the way you carry yourself. Not like you're a big shot or anything, but it's all part of the show. You're putting on a show."

The mix has earned the group slots on the Vans Warped Tour and at the annual Buzzfest. Tunes Broken Hearted, Everything and Together equal most anything on rock radio, and the group already has several new songs written for another effort, set for later this year. The Best Is Yet to Come was issued in mid-2006.

Standout track Whatever It Takes will likely live on as Glass Intrepid's anthem (the meaning behind their mysterious name remains their secret). The pulsing song was written during a particularly bad stretch when the group was questioning its future.

"We were down to just three members — Corey, Bryan and I. Basically, our band split in half," Lang says. "That's when we came up with the motto 'whatever it takes.' "

"That song kind of gave us reason to pull through," Reed adds.

Today, it's all about togetherness; the guys even live within a few streets of each other in a Spring neighborhood. (That's after stints in Austin, Lubbock and Dallas.)

The camaraderie also has allowed Glass Intrepid to focus on the intricacy of its sound, which now has a little less screaming, a lot more melody. That's likely to be an asset as the group tries to land a major-label deal.

"When you're younger, you want to try and be so different. You try writing songs that are complicated in so many parts," Spahr says. "You get to the point of, 'Let's do something maybe, somewhat radio-friendly.' We kind of learned how to write the structure of a hit song." - The Houston Chronicle


Whatever it Takes EP - 2005

The Best is Yet to Come - 2006

Glass Intrepid (Self-titled) - 2007



* Glass Intrepid is an original alternative rock band originating from Houston, TX.

* Glass Intrepid is comprised of Bryan Scott (vox/guitar), Robb Marshall (guitar), Reed Lang (bass) and Corey Spahr (drums).

* Glass Intrepid is managed by In De Goot Entertainment/Bill McGathy based out of New York who also manages national acts: Puddle of Mudd, Chevelle, Saliva, Shinedown, Tantric, Earshot, Blackstone Cherry, Deepfield, Dekko, Exit the King, Halestorm, Instruction, Life of Agony, No Address, Secretary Bird, Silvertide, and Theory of a Deadman.

* Glass Intrepid is legally represented by Nick Ferrara of Serling, Rooks & Ferrara, New York.

* Glass Intrepid has received airplay on “Good Enough”, “Whatever It Takes”, “Only One”, and “So Perfect” on multiple radio stations including:

KTBZ - Houston, TX
KDGE – Dallas, TX
KEYJ - Abilene, TX
Music Choice Alternative Channel
WHCR (Fordham University) - New York, NY
KTRU (Rice College) - Houston, TX
WAKE - Winston-Salem, NC
UCLA - Los Angeles, CA

* ”Whatever It Takes” has been used in a Sports Center Ultimate Highlights package that aired the weekend of May 6th, 2006 (with chyron).

* ”Whatever It Takes” was used in a Sports Center Indy Car package that aired from May 26th to June 4th, 2006 and from August 14 to August 20th, 2006 (with chyron). There was also a 30 second clip that aired on ESPN that teased the Indy Car coverage on ESPN & ABC.

* ”Whatever It Takes” was the official song for the “Carolina Hurricanes’ Road to the Stanley Cup”. The song played under a highlights package at the Carolina home games. There was a chyron that ran under the highlight video

* Roughly 5,000 CDs have been sold to date of their EP “Whatever It Takes”.

* Glass Intrepid has shared the stage with many national acts such as: Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed & Cambria, Papa Roach, Three Doors Down, Sum 41, Breaking Benjamin, The Used, Snow Patrol, Alter Bridge, The Exies, Drowning Pool, Unwritten Law, Mudvayne, Lit, and Seether.

* Glass Intrepid was asked by KDGE, The Edge in Dallas to open the Fall Homecoming. GI opened for the likes of Audioslave, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars, Yellowcard and Seether on that show. GI was interviewed on the Edge’s Morning Show before they played.

* Glass Intrepid was awarded “Best Unsigned Rock Band in Texas” by the “Unsigned” television show that aired in Houston, TX. The contest was judged by a panel of industry professionals that included KTBZ’s program director Don Jantzen, KTBZ’s night jock Zakk United and Jive Records Sr. Director, Rock Formats Joanne Grand. The contests grand prize was to appear at KTBZ’s BuzzFest XV in the Spring of 2005.

“Glass Intrepid is quite possibly the best band that Houston has to offer!”
- Zakk United (KTBZ)

“They have the look, the songs, the energy… Absolutely terrific!”
- Joanne Grand (Senior Director, Rock Formats, Jive Records)

* The video for “Good Enough” has aired on the Austin Music Network and HDNet.

* Glass Intrepid won a spot on the Ernie Ball stage on the 2005 Vans Warped tour. Out of the 10,000 bands nationally that played this stage, Glass Intrepid won first place in the 9th Annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition. This allowed them the opportunity to showcase in December 2005 at the Key Club in Hollywood, California and won $25,000 worth of equipment. Glass Intrepid was in the April issue of Guitar Player Magazine because of this.

* Glass Intrepid was also awarded a Southeast regional slot on the Ernie Ball stage of the 2006 Warped Tour. Fuse TV interviewed them and the footage was aired on television as well as online.

* Out of the 10,000+ bands that entered the “Get Me Loaded” unsigned band contest on Fuse TV with D’Addario, Glass Intrepid was one of 25 bands that moved into the 3rd round. The winner of the contest was featured in the D’Addario commercials that aired on Fuse TV.

* Glass Intrepid went on a very successful national tour last year and played a college night promotion at Minute Maid Park before the Houston Astros – Philadelphia Phillies game on Sept 15.

*GI was just awarded "Best Rock Band in Texas" of 07 from 94.5 the Buzz in Houston.

* Glass Intrepid is currently promoting their newest self titled album.