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Glass Onion is an all acoustic Beatles tribute band. Heavy on the harmonies and easy on the ears. Glass Onion plays all your favorite Beatles songs and features the deeper cuts as well...and your ears won't be ringing after the show!


Tim Keough
Vocals, Guitar

"Growing up in Malden, Mass, the Beatles were an influence very early on. I heard my first Beatles tunes on 8 track tape. I knew even at this very young age that I found a sound that was very unique. Further on, when I was in the third grade, we used to meet at my friend Chris’ house, pick up any nearby hockey stick or broom, and pretend to be the Fab Four! Lip syncing to the “red and Blue” albums became a ritual.

The Beatles have been a single constant in my life ever since providing a soundtrack to victories and defeats, happy times and sad times and everything in between. It is a great honor to play their music and to share it with other Beatle fans."

Joe Long
Vocals, Guitar

"My discovery of The Beatles and my love of music happened around the same time, when I was about 10. I had just discovered my parents record collection and became obsessed with listening to records when my cousin showed me the “Red & Blue” compilation albums. It was love at first sight. I was fascinated by the fact that the records themselves were both blue and red, which I had never seen before. But once I heard the music, I was immediately a fanatic.

Since then, my passion and appreciation for The Beatles has only grown as I’ve gotten older and had the opportunities to perform their songs throughout my career. Their music continues to inspire me and bring me joy like no other music can. In my opinion, it’s The Beatles... and then everything else."

David Alexander
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

"Funnily enough, my love of the Beatles came through a T.V. show band that was directly fashioned after them, and who I grew up to play on stage with to this very day. Today I kick myself and ask, “Why couldn’t I have loved The Beatles first, THEN The Monkees !?!? Would things have turned out differently? I’m not sure and I am certainly not disappointed, but it was partly my passion for The Beatles that helped get me into the Monkees circle. In 1993, I played Davy Jones’ guitar for him in the back of the bus on The Real Live Brady Bunch tour (for which I was Musical Director), and we sang all Beatles songs together. Since then I have been in most inceptions of The Monkees tours as the main keyboardist, back up vocalist, and sometimes Music Director.

In 1997 after the Monkees final show (for that tour) in Wembley Arena, England (where I was Mike Nesmith’s and the band’s guitar tech) I played piano and led an all-Beatles sing along at the after party for 4 solid hours to the surprise and pleasure of Micky Dolenz. (Davy and Peter were dancing in the background) Micky exclaimed at one point, “WOW ! How the hell do you know ALL THESE SONGS?! “ I replied, “I just love the Beatles.”
A sentiment I have felt since I first heard Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band when I was 13 years old. I had originally wanted to hear the soundtrack of the Bee Gees/Peter Frampton movie and was at first disappointed to receive this funky looking red album with all these people on the front, but after being persuaded to ‘just listen to it’, I was hooked! Skipping down the street singing “Fixing A Hole”, sailing on the Charles River singing “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”. The Beatles music made me happy.

The first song I can remember hearing in my childhood was Ob La Di Ob La Da at a wedding (and of course Yellow Submarine at some point), but the songs didn’t grab me or I didn’t ‘discover’ The Beatles until Sgt. Pepper. Since then, they have been a part of everything I do musically… in my writing, singing, playing, you can hear my Beatles influence. I used to be weary that my original songs sounded too much like McCartney; now I am proud to have him/them as a main influence.

Being in a band like Glass Onion is a dream come true. Just a few friends NOT trying to be or sound exactly like The Beatles, just singing the songs we have always loved. We hope you will enjoy the show!"

Set List

Glass Onion performs over 100 songs ranging from early artist influences, to classic Beatles hits and deeper album cuts. We specialize on three part harmony, but love to break out the rockers, too! This mix of styles allows us to customize sets to the gig. A small sampling of our available song list includes:

This Boy 
If I Fell
And I Love Her 
Love Me Do
Yes It Is
Words Of Love
You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
All I’ve got to do
You’ve got to hide Your Love Away
I'll follow The Sun
Two of Us  
I’ve just seen a Face
Norwegian Wood 
Here Comes the Sun
Hard Days Night
I Should’ve Known Better
I’ll Be Back
Things We Said Today
The Night Before
You’re Gonna Lose That Girl 
Ticket To Ride
We Can Work It Out 
If I Needed Someone 
The Word
Eleanor Rigby
A Little Help From My Friends
Getting Better 
Sgt. Pepper Reprise
A Day in the Life
Drive My Car
Eight Days A Week  
Glass Onion
No Reply
I Wanna Hold Your Hand 
Can’t Buy