Glaze puts the fun back in rock and roll and doesn't pretend to be something they're not. They just want to entertain people. If you don't listen to Glaze, we'll kill a cute fluffy bunny rabbit, and you don't want to be responsible for that, you?


Formed in the spring of 1994, Glaze is a group of guys with a wide range of musical influences from R.E.M. and The Beatles to Rush, The Cars and Dream Theater. You can hear bits of pieces of folk, hard rock, progressive rock, and funk in their energetic brand of original music. Often, Glaze is asked what kind of music they play. The only way they can describe their music is as “Happy-Fun-Rock.”

After the original singer left the band, Mike was left with the task of picking up the lead vocals. His R.E.M., Replacements, and Big Star influences can be heard in his writing and guitar playing. Thankfully, Mike no longer does impressions of Michael Stipe, but if you ask nicely
(and offer a beer), he may "do the velociraptor" for you. Mike's lovely wife, Sabrina, and adorable kids, Sarah and Amelia, are probably sick of hearing about it, but Mike still claims to have perfect hair that tastes like pudding.
“I am the iconoclast”

Jeff is a different breed of guitar player. Some people get by on their good looks; Jeff gets by on having a large tongue. Jeff isn’t really sure what instrument he plays, so it’s lucky that he uses a Roland GR-30 Guitar-synth, as it pretty much allows him to play anything/everything.
Jeff is an avid conspiracy theorists and will tell you of his theory on JFK’s assassination if you ask him.
“Tiger got him”

The Percussion Department is taken care of by Wayne Head. Wayne’s influences range from Jazz, World Music and New Wave, to Techno and New Age, but Progressive Rock has truly captured Wayne heart. This is reflected in his contributions to GLAZE songs. Not only is Wayne great at “pounding the skins”, and using “the rhythm method” but he is also able to turn a can of Coke into a solo instrument.
In his spare time Wayne tries to take over the world, but is often thwarted by his dimwitted sidekick (*NARF!*)
“The world is my percussion instrument.”

Randy has always loved metal and funk (and even some disco!). Randy's bass-playing history has actually spanned three hair styles, four Presidents, and five cars, yet he still gets carded when he buys liquor. If you’re lucky, he may just perform the classic zipper dance on stage.
And no ladies unfortunately the bass player is no longer single.

In their early days, Glaze was a college favorite in the Dayton area and even won the Wright State battle of the bands in 1996. Being more concerned with having fun than “playing the music game” meant that their stage shows were loaded with potty humor, crazy outfits, and other visual oddities. Luckily, people thought that their antics were all part of the show, and word spread. Glazes style of upbeat, energetic, and catchy songs mixed with their wild sense of humor easily captivated their audiences and earned them a following of loyal fans in the Dayton area. Like them or not, boredom is something that you’re not going to experience at a Glaze show.

College was a long time ago for Glaze but have managed to not lose their edge or the chemistry that keeps people begging for more. With over 50 original tunes, and a few “slightly” modified cover songs, Glaze has the tools to entertain the masses and manages to make new friends and fans wherever they go.


Glaze EP (2000)-produced by Toby Ellis
Live at the Cavern (2004)

Set List

Over 50 original songs and several "modified" covers.
Sets can be arranged from 15 minutes to 2 hours
Sets usually consist of 45 minute, or multiple 45 minute sets.
Can perform Acoustic or Electric (electric preferred)