Andrew Gleibman

Andrew Gleibman


Free improvisations and compositions with elements of impressionism and expressionism



Loud sounds of stormy sea waves, blowing the stones on the beach...
Breathing fresh air after spending several hours in a crowded subway train...
Sleepy morning in a beautiful suburb with churches, alleys, and occasionally appearing dogs smiling to you...
Tragic feelings of a Jew, observing XX Century Jerusalem...
A small forgotten kitten meowing in the night...
The eyes of a man who hates you only because your face and name are not typical in his community...
A scientist, who thinks of the most exciting problem which nobody else can even understand...
You suddenly can see the aura and read the minds of people and animals...
You opened a door to a magic garden with beautiful flowers, birds and fairies...
You can hear myriads of stars, sparkling in the night sky, and they are playing your piano, not you...

As a pianist-improviser from the age of zero, I am always affected by such feelings. Being left-handed, which entails the prevalence of feelings and intuition over all kinds of logic, I am trying and admiring the unexpected sounds rather than play an already composed music. A music form eventually appears as the result of improvisation, depending on the patterns I was able to discover and develop at the moment. My 45-min August Symphony has appeared after simplifying a single 1.5 hour-long improvisation.

During all my life I am successfully composing music in combination with a scientific work (I am PhD in Computer Science). Furthermore, the brightest ideas from science usually lead to the brightest emotions which affect the music.


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No lyrics: this is an instrumental piece


Three CD albums (19 tracks, about 100 min):

August Symphony: Large Symphony-Concerto for Vibraphone, Piano, Harpsichord, Human Voice and String Orchestra
(This link also contains my additional bio and audio links)

Music for Intellectuals (all 19 tracks; this is a 2CD album):

Atonal Meditations:

Set List

ATONAL MEDITATIONS (duration: 56 min)

1. Starry Sky. Virtuoso Etude-Introduction for Piano Played by Constellations and Nebulae.

2. Morning in a Paris Suburb. Symphonic Fantasy. Adagio Moderato with Bells and Reflections.

3. Spring Prelude to the Impossible Scherzo.

4. Impossible Scherzo. Super-Virtuoso Prestissimo for Piano, Impossible for a Human Performer.

5. April Etudes, Part 1. Largo Espressivo.

6. April Etudes, Part 2. Prestissimo Prestissimo.

7. Waves are Dancing. Symphonic Fantasy with Sea Waves Playing Super-Virtuoso Party.

8. Jerusalem. Andante Molto Appassionato. Tragic feelings of a Jew, visiting XX Century Jerusalem.

9. Magic Garden. Andante Cantabile with Sirens and Heartbeat.

10. Strange Little Animal. Virtuoso Etude-Dance for Tail, Paws and Piano.

11. Sirens and Mockingbirds. Etude-Miniature for Voices, Orchestra and Piano.

12. Two Jazzmen. Virtuoso Allegro Agitato for Two Pianos (well, Pianists) Teasing Each Other