Glen Bingham

Glen Bingham


Glen Bingham's songs echo the crafty twang pop that usually stems from songwriters like Paul Westerberg, John Prine and Steve Earle. Clever one-liners and pop hooks are a strength, but what really puts his material over the top is some good-ol-fashioned stage presence and rehearsing.

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Strange Things

Written By: Glen Bingham

She was an artist she drew black on paper.
I was a father and I was a neighbor.
Waiting in windowless towers of ice.
On the tip of an island, alone in the night.

He was the son in a house full of daughters.
Oh, baby baby baptized in black water.
He was found like a shell on the edge of the ocean.
He'll dance like a shadow, without emotion.

Well you took me in your arms,
Told me things that I already knew .
It just seemed so strange coming from you.
Yeah, it seemed so strange to find the truth.

It came to passing that she passed on
From a world full of liars, darkness, and scorn.
She'd been living with it since the day she was born.
Now she breaths a new life at the end of a storm.