Glen MacNeil

Glen MacNeil

 Tecumseh, Ontario, CAN

Singer/Songwriter- Honourable Mentions from the "Billboard World Song Contest", the "Unisong International Song Contest", as well as the "Singer/Songwriter Awards". Member of SOCAN.


Like a conversation with an old friend, Glen MacNeil says all the right words with his artfully crafted expressions of everyday emotions often left unspoken. Glens melodies sail above waves of anchored guitar work, providing the perfect vessel for riding the tides of life; relationships, family, work, and real stories in song. Glen explores the weaknesses that make us strong, discovering the ordinary miracles happening right before our eyes. Glen's debut solo album 'Where The Heart Remains' is available now.

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The Same

Written By: Glen MacNeil,Phil Poli

Not a single day goes by
That I don't see her in my mind
A missing face glued inside a frame

I sleep with the porch light on
A torch to rest my hopes upon
She might hear me whispering out her name

I wonder if she ever feels the same

I drive for hours with the radio on
Until it plays our favourite song
It takes me to a special time and place

I look out at a million stars
Find the one we said was ours
As if a wish could bring her back again

I wonder if she ever feels the same

Back in the day we were carefree and crazy
But I fumbled with change when it came
I overreacted I'd take it all back
Did I say I was sorry
I'm so sorry

I wonder if she ever feels the same

Face inside a frame
Whispering her name
Wish her back again

Every day's the same

(C) 2014 MacNeil/Poli


Compilation CD released on May 25, 2012 to celebrate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. The CD is titled 'Reflections ON 1812'. Glen's song is titled 'Detroit Coming Down' - a song inspired by the Capture of Fort Detroit.

2010 - EP - 'Courage To Believe' - Tecumseh International Dragon Boat theme song.

2010 - Single - 'You Gave Me Life' - Bone Marrow Awareness campaign.

2009 - Single - 'Chase Your Dreams' - theme song for the Summer Games in Windsor, Ontario.

2006 - a loving tribute album was produced for one of Glen's personal heroes and a true inspiration - John Allan Cameron. It is a two-disc CD called "Yes! Let's hear it for John Allan Cameron" A song he co-wrote with his two brothers and a couple of good friends called "Cape Breton's Crying" is on the two-disc set. The song is performed by Cyril MacPhee.
Go to to purchase the two-disc set. There is some great music on there from many of John Allan's friends.

2005 - 'Just Imagine' - Tribute to Terry Fox.

2004 - ReGael - "Coastlines"

- " a collection of traditional, contemporary and original songs certain to satisfy...the lyrics taking the listener coast to coast in scope and vision"- Inverness Oran.

- "The coastlines of Ireland and Eastern Canada come together on this CD. Contemporary and traditional folk songs along with some original songs from Glen and Mark". - Inverness Oran

1995 - Common Ground - "War Of The World"
- An album of original songs penned by Glen - "music deeply rooted in the Maritimes" - Bob MacEachern, 101.5 FM The Hawk Radio - Port Hawkesbury N.S.

Set List

A typical set list for a pub gig would consist of three sets at one hour each consisting of original as well as cover material.

For a festival gig it will consist of original material from the list below.

Celtic Pride
Chance To Survive
Go Down Below No More
So Much Love
The Island Is Where The Heart Remains
I'm In Love
One Long Ray Of Light
Tall She Stands
Cape Breton's Crying
Going Home Again
Losing Light
The Hero
Eastbound Train