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"Glenn - Electronic Secret"

Glenn Henriksen lives in the Norwegian city of Porsgrunn. He has been involved in several different types of music for many years, but on this album he concentrates on instrumental electronic music. It is not possible to listen to this album without thinking of Jean-Michel Jarre. The Jarre elements are all over the place, from the cover to the music to the live shows Glenn puts on. I told a friend of mine who is a big JMJ fan about Glenn, and he was quite critical. He said that Glenn tries to be someone he isn't, and that his stuff is doomed to be worse than the original.

I don't quite agree. Glenn's music is highly professional and well-written. I can honestly not say that Jarre's Chronologie is better than Glenn's Electronic Secret, which can either mean that Glenn is a very good musician, or that Jarre's music is very simple and uncomplicated and can be "copied" with just a bit of technical knowledge. I guess the answer is somewhere in between those two. I also think I see a lot or irony in Glenn's music. He is doing this with a smile on his face, and he is doing it good.

Already from the first track the Jarre/Chronologie-style enters. It is melodic and catchy and the production is good. Part 2 is a bit more poppy ala Laserdance, with a nice mid-tempo melody. On Part 3 we hear a beautiful and melancholic theme, and I realize how melodically gifted Glenn is. I'm not saying this is original and innovative music though. A dance rhythm dominates the highly enjoyable Part 4, before we enter Part 5 where I hear a very good synth/piano theme with elements of Giorgio Moroder's instrumental masterpieces of the 1980s, piano solo and bridge included! I think I want this tune on repeat. A brilliant electric guitar riff/sample dominates the uptempo Part 6. For a change it is not very melodic but it's still a strong track. The piano based theme of Part 7 is not weaker than the rest, and then it's time for Part 8 with a floating synth similar to Jan Hammer. It is sad and beautiful in that Miami Vice musical landscape. Very good. A rocking melodic theme enters in Part 9. This is not exactly one of those over-long Berlin School sequencer attacks, and not sleepy ambient either. This is tuneful and catchy for what it's worth, and music Jean-Michel himself perhaps should lend an ear to. The album closes as it starts in Chronologie-mode with Part 10, but the track is not among the best on the CD.

The 49 minutes of music on Electronic Secret offer a very pleasing listening experience. If Glenn puts a little bit of his own elements in his music in the future, it may sound even better.
- Written by Jon Aanensen for

"Glenn - Message"

Glenn Henriksen from Norway is a versatile musicican who previously has worked with Norwegian top pop artists such as Unni Wilhelmsen, Ole Evenrude, Linda Kvam, Rolf Graf, Shortcut and others. He is also frequently seen/heard at clubs around Norway with his own music, but his CD albums are of a completely differend kind. Glenn's solo music is highly melodic electronic music in the pure Jarre, Vangelis and early-to-mid-80s Tangerine Dream vein, and also inspired by childhood heroes such as Kitaro and Mike Oldfield.

Message is Glenn Henriksen's second album, after the critically acclaimed Electronic Secret in 2008. The 10-track sequel was released on September 26th, 2009, which was also Glenn's birthday. The release was celebrated with a concert in Oslo, featuring lights and lasers. The album has taken one year to make, with every bit of production, playing and composing done by Glenn himself. The record is influenced by several countries all over the world, and also tries to use sounds typical of those countries. Message is about global participation, especially regarding our planet's vulnerability and man's influence on the environment.

"This album is probably more me than the last one. I think I have managed to create a more personal stamp on the album" - Glenn Henriksen

Message is highly recommended if you like albums such as Chronologie (Jean Michel Jarre), Ambiente (Laserdance), Escape from Television (Jan Hammer), Communion (Current) or anything from Fin, Mike Andrews and Syntech.

Review extracts:

Jon / Planet Origo: "As a whole Message is another enjoyable disc from Glenn Henriksen [...] his musical talent and understanding should be clear for everyone into melodic electronic music."

"Glenn - Electronic Secret"

Fans of the classic synth music of Jean Michel Jarre may want to get familiar with Norway’s Glenn Henriksen, aka Glenn.

He sent us a copy of his 2008 album Electronic Secret, a 10-part suite of electronic instrumentals that he describes as “Nice chill Electronic music with a touch of Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Vangelis ….”

In other words – his music is inspired by the late 70’s-early 80’s golden age of synth music.

Of the influences that Henriksen notes, the most obvious is Jarre. Henriksen’s obvious affection for Jarre’s music may excite some and turn off others, but, for fans of classic synth music, Electronic Secret deserves attention on its own merits.
The album is made up of 10 songs in a continuous mix. The songs are melodically focused, with simple themes that are repeated with various instrumental combinations. Henriksen creates interest through tasteful arrangements and his choice of sounds, rather than from fiery solos.


"Electronic Secret" 2008



Born in Oslo 1969, and have been influenced by Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro,Mike Oldfield,Pink Floyd, and many other 70-80 type of music.
Working as a music producer and have my own big recording stidio and two smaller studios.
Been a live musician from the age of 17, and been traveling all around Norway and Denmark. And also in UK and France, but then I was a sound engeneer for other artists.
Have parisipated on a endless numbers of demos and releases,But made my first own solo album in 2008"Electronic Secret"