Glenn Mishaw

Glenn Mishaw


With a rhythmically charged right hand and a vocal range that'll blow the roof off, Glenn's infectious stage performance will feed you with a sense of exhilaration!


When Glenn Mishaw takes centre stage he captivates the crowd with solid acoustic guitar playing, powerful yet supple vocals, and a magnetic energy that literally sucks you in.

Mishaw grew up in a typical small town neighbourhood in Ontario, Canada. His passion for performing started at age 12 on the stage of his school play. As a teenager, he found himself playing drums and singing in several bands. By the time he reached University, he played guitar and sang lead vocals in a band that became so popular, one night the local police had to shut down the campus bar because it was too packed. “That alone is probably the reason I wanted to continue performing; it was the ultimate rush!”

Since then, Mishaw headed West to play and live in one of the world’s most brilliant mountain playgrounds. Whistler, British Columbia was his base for 9 years. There he played every week, and sometimes every night, entertaining and dazzling crowds in local bars. Though he now calls Vancouver home, he often returns to Whistler to play on popular demand.

Mishaw attributes his dynamic stage presence and crowd-pleasing abilities to his song writing. “Channelling my feelings and ideas into a song and then sharing it is a powerful and moving experience.”

His fusion of rock, pop and folk elements, colorful percussion background and roof-blowing vocal range will captivate any audience - any time, anywhere.

Today, Glenn Mishaw plays frequently at local venues throughout British Columbia and Alberta. He continues to grow as a singer, songwriter and musician – but mostly he’s a guy with a love affair with music and a dream to share his passion with others.


Now More Than Ever

Written By: Glenn Mishaw

Its been so long where have you been
Ya taking you're time oh you soaking it in
You're so far, so far away
I'd drive that dusty road again
Just to hear you say
That you love, that you love me
Now more than ever

The milk is past due and the papers pile high
The light on the porch is out and the well has run dry
The neighbors inquire as to where you might have fled
And every night I sleep alone in this empty bed
Still believing that you want me
Now more than ever

Have I been foolin myself
Into something untrue
I'm at the end of my rope holding a candle for you
All I want right now is for us to be together
Tonight this one last time
Now more than ever

Ever since you left me there
I've been drifting around finding nowhere
Now I stand with my hands held out
Burning for you now
Now more than ever

Soft Spot

Written By: Glenn Mishaw

I woke up this morning with a wound on my head
Trying to recall some of the things I said
You were less than amused
You said your ego was bruised
Despite all of the fights
I found your soft spot last

Maybe it was the rye, perhaps it was the gin
The thing that matters most is that you and I win
You were face down in the yard
And all the boys
Were playing cards
And as the sun came up and made it light, I thought
I found your soft spot last night

Among the confusion and the lies
I see a secret there beneath those big blue eyes
Under rainy November skies
I overturned your disguise
With all of my might
I found your soft spot last night

Its written in your family tree, your affinity to be
All alone in your mind like a ship lost at see
You said you don't like to be
To anyone but me
So I'll vow to hold you tight
And keep you in my sight
Cause I found you soft spot last night

Fly Away

Written By: Glenn Mishaw

Its times when I expect too much
These hopes and dreams should be enough
To fill the bowl of happiness
For those who tread with carelessness

Need not reach out with sheltered arms
Cause no one's there to render harm
Except that face and hand you mirror
Its no one else's cross you bare

I just want to fly away
I just want to fly
Glad to be alive today
I just want to fly

And if you want to be my friend
And stay with me till the very end
There's one thing that you'll need to know
That our love will need to grow

Lord keep me pondering without end
And every road on which I bend
Make clear the choices I need touch
Cause sometimes I expect too much
When all I want to do is fly away


EP - By My Side 2002
Professional Demo - Glenn Mishaw 2003
Watershed - Rutherford Creek Collective - 2003 - Glenn Mishaw-contributor/producer

Set List

Set lists depend entirely on the gig, although Glenn would prefer to play as much original music as possible. These include:

Forgive Me
Soft Spot
The Roar
By My Side
Song Here Somewhere
Fly Away
Now More Than Ever
Casa Del Mar
Matter of Time
Love Isn't Mine

As for covers, Glenn enjoy's choosing songs by some of his favourite writers. Sets could include a wide range of musical styles from Blue Rodeo/Neil Young to Ben Harper/Jack Johnson to Lyle Lovett/John Hiatt.