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Black Sunday

Written By: Glennn Dansker

Black Sunday

Black Sunday, things didn’t turn out well
Black Sunday, on your journey into hell
You knew this day was coming, don’t pretend that you weren’t warned
They gave you final notice the moment you were born
There’s no going back on the oath to which you’re sworn
Black Sunday, you’ve been mourned

Black Sunday, left a trail of blood
Black Sunday, face down in the mud
Did you think you’d live forever, why’d you place that bet
When dealing with the devil you can bet he won’t forget
Now he comes a callin, callin in his debt
Black Sunday, your last sunset

Black Sunday, wave goodbye to your ladies
Black Sunday, you on a one way trip to Hades
You ain’t got no time to get your one last fix
They’re hustling you aboard the boat to cross the river Styx
Ain’t no use in tryin none of your old tricks
Black Sunday, the devil gets his kicks

Black Sunday, thought there’d be nothing left to dread
Black Sunday, now that you’re finally dead
But from now on and forever you’ve got one final goal
To stoke the fires of hell from an endless supply of coal
That you have to shovel out of a constantly refilling hole
Black Sunday, you sold your soul

Black Sunday, you got some bad advice
Black Sunday, now it ain’t turned out so nice
There’s no time to make up for virtues you may lack
There’s nobody left to cut you any slack
You can’t take nothing with you and there is no time to pack
Black Sunday, up on the rack
Black Sunday, fell through the cracks
Black Sunday, no turning back
Cause Sunday is the one day, that’s Blaaaaaaccccckkkk

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