Glenn Pattison

Glenn Pattison


Neil Young meets Ray Davies and sing acoustic


My story is short
been in some cover bands
Started writing my own songs and recording Demo CD's my music is about Enlightenment and songs of Peace and Love


Walk in My Shoes

Written By: Christina Meyer/ Glenn Pattison

Walk In My Shoes
By Christina Meyer/Glenn Pattison ©

We all have our own story
We’ve all dealt with different problems
For me it was growin up in poverty
For you, the loss of a loved one
We’re all on our own journey
And may not understand each other
But there’s got to be a way
That we can live together

Cause if I walk in your shoes
And you walk in my shoes
We just might understand each other

And if you walk in my shoes
And I walk in your shoes
We might make the world a little better

From the head of a company
To the homeless man on the street
One may have grown up in the projects
The other in a mansion
There are many circumstances
That decide a man’s path
Only way to know the truth
Is to stand in his shoes

We live in a society
That only cares about money
The best way to bring back compassion
Is to experience another’s situation

Repeat chorus


From me to You 1997 CD
Plain & Simple 2000 CD
One Road 2003 CD
Peace 2008 CD

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