Glenn Reid

Glenn Reid


Mix of Country, Folk, Rockabilly and Pop with wonderful writing and great melodies make Glenn Reid a must listen to song writer.


The Glenn Reid Group consists of four veteran performers with a wide variety of experiences too varied and numerous to mention here. Suffice to say that the boys have been entertaining audiences all over North America for many years with their musical skills and their stage savvy.

Starting with Glenn on lead vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar, Rick Gunn on lead guitar (one of Canada’s most gifted lead players), Norm Hartshorne’s melodic bass and backing vocals, and finishing with the driving beats of Max Styles - formally of The Kings - on drums, the quartet pounds out some of the best loved hits from the writing-rich 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as a mix of Glenn's original tunes making for a lot of dancin’ and no small amount of romancin’ as well.

Complimenting the long list of past favourites are selections from Glenn’s CD's entitled “Workin’ Man” & "I'm In" ( on the Bambrick Records label) currently released in 30 countries world-wide, as well as a few from the next release currently being recorded at Steve Sherman Productions in Toronto. Glenn’s originals are reminiscent of Presley, Cash, and Credence, ensuring the crowd stays on the dance floor.

The Glenn Reid Group is a band made up of hard working professionals who have so much fun on stage that your audience will be after you to bring them back again and again. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? We’ll see you at the show!


Workin' On A Dream

Written By: Glenn Reid

Workin’ On A Dream (The Railroad Song)

Long ago my great Grandad toiled in the sun
Workin’ through the prairies to the sea
Another mile, another rail ‘till the job was done
Workin’ on a dream.

Later on my Grandfather worked the CN line
Travelled this great land by sweat and steam
Daddy was a diesel man, at one time so was I
Workin’ on a dream.

Did you hear that lonesome whistle
Did you cry a final tear
On the day that the trains went away when the dream disappeared

Long ago our forefathers sacrificed for me
Struggling through the winter snow and rain
Workin’ on a dream that stretched from sea to shining sea
So I could have the train

Repeat Chorus

©1990 Glenn Reid

Take It In Stride

Written By: Glenn Reid

Take it in Stride

Lately it seems that in all of my dreams I see trouble.
Danger is lurking around the next corner I fear
Nothing is wrong yet, I can’t stop my hands from this shakin’.
I try to focus but can’t get the picture to clear.

Full of anxiety I start my day every morning.
Can’t put my finger on just what it is botherin’ me.
I know inside that a man cannot hide from his future.
Best to relax and whatever will be, let it be.

Take it in stride. Take it with courage.
No use in frettin’; you’d best be forgettin’ concern.
Take it in stride. Why should you worry.
Time marches on and just leaves you one more lesson learned.

Lead break on verse chords

Think of the minutes we’ve wasted all throughout our lifetimes.
Minutes that could have been much better spent other ways.
Loved ones to care for and so much for which to be thankful.
Hold ‘em all close and be grateful for all of your days.

©2005 Glenn Reid

Hey Nova Scotia

Written By: Glenn Reid

When I was a younger man foolish and brave
Thought I could do without wisdom or waves.
Packed up my songs and I stuck out my thumb
And I hit the Trans Canada Highway.

(It) ain’t all been bad and I had a good ride
I criss crossed this country 4,000 miles wide
People were kind for the most part my son
But I knew which direction was my way.

Hey Nova Scotia how the hell have you been
I been up to Toronto so to pay for my sins.
Well I’ve sure missed the ocean and I sure miss my friends
Now I’m back in God’s country and staying.

Was not my intention that I’d be gone for long
But life’s got a way of just moving on.
The days turn to months then the years have gone past
And you haven’t been down home for ages.

You haven’t seen tartan or fished from the docks
Or heard the Atlantic just punish the rocks.
Or sung in the kitchen or called a girl “Lass”
And a part of you’s dying in stages.

Hey Nova Scotia how the hell have you been
I been up to Toronto so to pay for my sins.
Well I’ve sure missed the ocean and I sure miss my friends
Now I’m back in God’s country and staying.

There’s only one thing to be done in this state
Is to look to the east for it’s never too late.
They’ll pipes will be waiting the singin’ begun
And they’ll welcome you home from the highway.

Hey Nova Scotia how the hell have you been
I been up to Toronto so to pay for my sins.
Well I’ve sure missed the ocean and I sure miss my friends
Now I’m back in God’s country and staying.
©2006 Glenn Reid


CD - Workin' Man - Bambrick Records .5 tracks currently have airplay in Europe, Australia and New Zealand "Another Hank William Night" reached #21 on the ECMA Chart and #1 in Sweden.
"I'm In"-Bambrick Records - Workin On a Dream release worldwide.

Set List

Set 1: The Railroad Song-Glenn Reid
Another Hank Williams Night-Glenn Reid
The Norm (A) * Glenn Reid
Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash
Love Without End, Amen- George Straight
Take it in Stride-Glenn Reid
Singin' The Blues-Hank Williams Sr.
Last Kiss (D)Pearl Jam/J.Frank Wilson
Come a Little Bit Closer (C) Jay & the Americans
Jambalaya (C) Hank Williams Sr.
Sweet Caroline (A) N. Diamond
Runaway (Am) Del Shannon

Set 2: The Last Time (E) Rolling Stones
Have You Ever Seen the Rain (G) Credence Clearwater Revival
Third Rate Romance (G) Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
I’m In (G) * Glenn Reid
Wake Up Little Suzie (C)Everley Brothers
Ring of Fire (G) Johnny Cash
I’m Gone (Dm) * Glenn Reid
To Love Somebody (G) Bee Gees
Treat Me Nice (A) Elvis Presley
My Back Pages (C) Bob Dylan
Your Time is Comin’ (A) *Glenn Reid

Set 3: I’ll Cry Instead (G) Beatles
Last Cigarette (D) k.d.lang
Let it Be Me (E) Everley Brothers