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Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Jazz Latin


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"a must for any jazz guitarist"

A must for any Jazz guitarist
As a guitarist hearing this is pretty amazing. Starting with the Leo-Kottke like solo guitar which originally blew me away, and then queing in the rhythm section with using space to create this very floaty melodicly intricate atmosphere, total mastery of the guitar, true evidence of marksmanship. The song itself is quite a nice recording with many different changes and moods. I love the whole thing, it'd be great to see you guys in concert, you fit together nicely. nicely done.
Reviewed by: coyotebgoode -

"nice pickin"

complicated guitar runs in a classical sense..turns a bit spanish as song progresses..nice buildup in tension with bass and drums..the rythmn section is very dramatic ..seems to be a couple different stories being told .happy, sad, spanish, and plain old dissonant jazz the light touch on the drums and bass..makes for good dynamics....guitar player is just to good...i love blues but to me this is an adventure in guitar playing that stretches ones imagination...sophisticated and sweet to the ear..."live"


"great guitar"

This is a very professional piece, both in terms of playing arrangement and mood.
I don't believe that I have ever heard this style of jazz guitar playing before. Very impressive.
Folks like you make me want to sell my guitars and use the profits to buy siding for my house.
Never to fumble out another note again for the rest of my life.
Great stuff guys. -

"Cd review by Jay Trachtenberg"

It's the luminous, shimmering tone that catches you right off, the opening salvo to the thitle track that lures you into this Austin jazz guitarist's debut album. The tune is a celebration of caffeine, a rich, smooth brew but one that eschews the elixir's often jagged edges. That's not to say that Glenn Rexach can't get a bit gnarly when he wants to. His penchant for the likes of Jeff Beck and Wayne Krantz makes itself evident on more angular, sonorous fare like "Electric Drunk" and "Fuzzy Undulating Logic." Rexach demonstrates a gentler, more melodic side on "A.D.," a heartfelt tribute to late Austin drummer A.D. Mannion. He's joined on this live-yet-studio-quality sounding trio date by veterans Steve Zirkel and Brad Evilsizer. It's a pleasure to finally have this always tasteful but often overlooked local stalwart stretching out in the spotlight. - Austin Chronicle

"I like this guy!"

Well this one is easy... Glenn plays like no one else, even in the most difficult situation where the tempo tends to kill the soloist (3:10) he can figure out a way to get away with it. He is resourceful, with a lyricism that moves me much more than the bluesy notes everyone tends to "play": he can actually make them "sound" like a cry of the soul.

reviewed by gianni cassone - garageband


Rexach's new cd, "Living Joe to Joe," is now available on, as well as on iTunes and numerous other digital outlets. One track, "Electric Drunk", has had airplay on KLBJ FM. It's a featured song on the cd "Texas Guitar Slingers." Also, go to, to see and hear the band. has more complete examples of our work.



Our influences range from Jeff Beck to Charlie Parker, south Indian music to Stevie Ray Vaughan, and all points in between. Although improvisation is a large part of what we do, the jamming stems from solid, melodic tunes, that we then deconstruct and then put back together again.