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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
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"Glenn Saddler – “Expectations”"

Atlanta based rapper Glenn Saddler isn’t your typical down south MC. His style of rapping expresses a ton of emotion over some non conventional beats that a person wouldn’t usually associate with an ATL rapper. The lyrics to Saddler’s “Expectations” are favorable and the visual is as well. Don’t get confused though, the MC does favor Kid Cudi in the video lol, I had to check give a double take a few times. - Modern Society New York

"Glenn Saddler-”The Life and Grinds Glenn Saddler” review by John M. Ellison IV"

The focus is on rapper Glenn Saddler and his album “the Life and Grinds Glenn Saddler.” “The Life and Grinds of Glenn Saddler” is a six track album that tells the tale of Glenn on quest of self-discovery and dealing with the expectations of his elders and peers…it kind of sounds like an “ATL *RPG.”

For anybody that has a thirst for real instrumentation in rap, you might enjoy the subtle guitar licks of Chris Mac and the production of Tokyo and Todd Marshall.
Here are the songs that really stuck out to me…

“Tell me why”

This has some clever wordplay that you would have to replay a few times to totally understand the meaning. It also kind of like reminds me of a more cerebral version of “Why?” by Detroit rap-rock group Insane Clown Posse. No, that’s not a jab, I’m a fan of ICP, folks.

How to make it (L&G edition)

It’s a summary of how people go to Atlanta trying to become either a rapper or a model and how it’s a parallel to others going out to Hollywood to pursue acting and the struggles that come along with it.

It’s an anthem proclaiming individuality in a sea of clones. Kind of like a smarter version of “Umma Do Me” by Rocko.

In closing, “The Life and Grinds of Glenn Saddler” has to grow on me a little more but it has potential to be something that I would have on rotation. If you’re looking for proof that not all rap from Atlanta is big dumb party music then this is a good example.

Download here

*RPG stands for Role Playing Game.

“No Apologies” - Ghetto Punk Rocker

"Glenn Saddler brings ‘Expectations’ to the party"

Atlanta MC Glenn Saddler is playing a show over at the BeAtlanta house this Friday, May 27, with BiAS, aka Tobias Harris, and Night Meets Day (Saddler and Chris Mac) are performing as well, and there’s talk of at least one more band being added.

In the meantime, check out director David Godin’s existentially troubled and somewhat experimental video/short film set to the song “Expectations” for a quick fix of Saddler’s style.

Free. 9 p.m. The BeAtlanta House, 197 Howell Drive. - Creative Loafing via Crib Notes by Chad Radford

"The Life and Grinds of Glenn Saddler: A review"

Let’s Get Into It!!
Twitter is an amazing tool when used correctly. On a random day on Twitter I was “@’d” by someone and told to check out Glenn Saddler. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to listen but I enjoy checking new people out…Especially those that don’t fit the stereotypical “scene kid.” Glenn? Well Glenn is something special. He’s that cool guy I would hold convo with at a lame party and probably have the best convo of my life. I say this, and havent met him yet but when I listen to his music…I just…I just wanna listen.

I was given a rough draft if you will of his project and it’s short enough for me to go track by track.

1. No Apologies – I will take this to be his introduction and I love it because the beat is just right for his flow but what got me was the old time country feel at the end! What!?!?!?!

2. Tell Me Why – The beat set the mood for the tracks it came in. I genuinely like that Glenn isn’t rapping about weed, alcohol, or fucking off in moments of despair. This track will resonate with everyone. Everyone reaches those moments in life when we forget why we are struggling to reach a goal. Hell sometimes we battle so much with the trials that we don’t even give a damn about the war anymore. The horn in the background was nice. I am a sucker for REAL instruments.

3. Shine Some Light - You know how you hear a song, and while you cant explain what it is about the track…You just like it? I loved this…It helped I was was high.

4. How to Make It – Ahhhh…This was the track that opened my eyes to Glenn. When everything you speak is is worth listening to…I fucks with you. That is how I felt listening to this track. Acknowledging that everyone in Atlanta swears that they are something more than themselves is one of those things that is difficult to explain but this track does so perfectly.

5. Expectations - When the track comes in you wonder where it is going. It starts out kinda safari-ish but it grows on you throughout the track. This track seems like it would be dope performed. I can see so much movement with a live set.

6. Everyday – Eh… Guitar was cool. The build up was kind of annoying. It took entirely too long for him to come in. I really hope that Glenn is a performer that gives his all on stage because while this track didnt appeal to me…I am sure that when performed live with a crowd it would be intense.

“The Life and Times of Glenn Sadler” welp…Here you have it… I love the guy. I want more from him, like about 5 more tracks on this project to be exact. I feel like he is what is missing from all these damn shows that just have the same 5 acts perform all the time. The promoters say that it’s because they(the same 5 acts) have a crowd that pays to see them perform…I’d pay to get them off the stage and get Glenn on.

Glenn gets a 3 out of 5. The project is too short for the title, Life and Times? I am sure you have more to share…I am eager to listen. Your delivery is dope, I like that you don’t sound like everyone else and you’re not doing anything stupid to your voice to change who you are. The fact you have real instruments to accompany your beats…man that is great. Seriously…In a world when people can create what they want digitally it takes balls to say, “No fuck that, I am using the real thing“. Oh and you actually have someone else on vocals!! Man, I am so tired of hearing cats singing their own hooks. You could’ve had a 5 if you just gave me more. If your goal was to leave me wanting more…then you succeeded. -


Did I forget to mention that we've started to document Glenn and BiAS' journey? Wait... Rewind... Start! Do you like watching reality shows? EXCELLENT! Me too!... Fast forward... Start! I can't say there's drama - I know that's what you secretly want to witness. What's a reality show without drama? - but I can tell you that you will learn from this adventure with Glenn, BiAS & the rest of the Far Out Crew. Hmmm... BLIND SPECS Atlanta family is growing to be pretty heavy

Atlanta based artist, Glenn Saddler is taking the stage! BiAS, Chris Mac and Leslie Mack see more than stars gleaming in their eyes. There's so much to learn through the journey to stardom. Devan Pinckney, manager of Far Out Ventures, has nothing but high hopes for the artists. Atlanta is a pretty sight but a disgusting valley for hungry artists. Can someone discover these guys already?! -


You don't even know what's going on... do you? These two gentleman have a world in their hands and they playing their cards right. A new sphinx is being built - can I be a pharaoh now? Our empire is growing children. And there's nothing but silver and gold coming our way. Both BiAS and Glenn Saddler are recognized icons and a part of the upcoming rap society. An insightful guy from Alabama and an Atlanta native under the same name, Far Out Ventures. You know the South has to keep up it's status. We're dropping music at it's dropping second for you here on BLIND SPECS. Both BiAS and Glenn are replicas of the future. Oh wait, you don't know what that looks like do you? There's much more to come but let these two songs settle on you. This is for the future.

Glenn's solo album "Anthem" is dropping sometime in late 2011, and his Night Meets Day album is coming in a few months. Night Meets Day includes Kyle Drew & Chris Mac.

BiAS' Sent By Messenger is dropping in 2011.

If in Atlanta on February 27th, 2011 you can see these guys perform at Smith's Olde Bar. Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm. This is a 21+ event & entry is $5. -

"Spotlight On: Glenn Saddler"

If you like talented vocalists, look no further. Meet Glenn Saddler, a very capable rapper/singer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Glenn recently recorded “Fall Musical Pt. II,” the first single off his upcoming collaborative album entitled Night Meets Day. The album, which also features Kyle Drew and Chris Mac, is set to drop in the next couple of months as a prelude to Glenn’s debut solo release: Anthem. The big homie already put out visuals for one single off Anthem called “Birthdays,” which you can see under the cut. As an integral part of Far Out Ventures, a new-age art collective based in the A, Glenn is looking to capitalize on a string of successful shows in the Atlanta area. For more on Mistah Saddler, check out his website. -

"Leslie Mack, Glenn Saddler & BiAS 11.22.10 @ Smith's Olde Bar"

Once again, im promoting the homies
(The) Leslie Mack with Glenn Saddler & Tobias "BiAS" Harris doing a dope show (which someone needs to give me a ride too) at Smith's Olde Bar in atlanta. Appearently its a terence rush(in) production....look at that... - LOSERS ALWAYS WIN

"Far Out Ventures @ Smith’s Olde Bar w/ @GlennSad"

I try to put you all onto the hottest info on the streets. Well, the event below is definitely one of em. Known to the world as Glenn Saddler, this rap phenomenon is the TRUTH!

Who: Glenn Saddler (, Bias (,
Leslie Mack (

What: A night of music, Anthem by Glenn, Sent By Messenger by Bias and opening performances by Leslie Mack.

Where: Smith’s Olde Bar in the Atlanta Room (Directions-

When: Doors Open @ 8pm (Run Time 8pm-12:30am)

Trust me this is an up and coming sound you have to hear for yourself. Log onto his site to check out. I will be in the building. If anything come thru and say hey.

Until Next Time…


"FarOut Ventures Presents Bias and Glenn"

FarOut Ventures, LLC recording artists Bias and Glenn are bringing a breath of fresh air to a stale recording industry. In response to the business being flooded with the status quo, “Stencil” is the first single released from Bias’ debut LP, Sent by Messenger. “Stencil” also features Glenn and is the mark of a new age hip hop-meets-hipster movement.

“Stencil,” produced by UK producer Kris Breeze, serves as a metaphor to characterize the lack of individuality that is prevalent in contemporary hip-hop. The four-minute track is an eclectic mid-tempo cut reminiscent of early ‘90s Atlanta hip hop (i.e. Arrested Development and OutKast’s 1996 opus ATLiens) with its drooping bass line and sparse drum riff.

The guys from FarOut Ventures are fearlessly carving their niche in hip hop and the virtual space. One blogger from writes, “[“Stencil”] is sick as all get out. The chemistry that Bias and Glenn have on a mic is surely what we’ve been waiting for. It’s about time to say goodbye to all the wack southern rap that we’ve become comfortable with and get back to the roots of real hip hop.” Another site,, adds on, “This is kinda crazy — kinda poppy, definitely intriguing. Simplistic flex on the beat, but it doesn’t need to be super complex. Really love the way they flow as well.” praises Bias and Glenn as “mad talented guys with a dope track, too.”

And the movement is just getting started. “Stencil” was recently performed at Princeton University for the Ladies First: A Glance at Women in Hip-Hop symposium on Mar. 27, 2010 alongside keynote speaker Amanda Diva and scholar Dr. Cornel West. Sent by Messenger is slated for a May 2010 release and is set to be the catalyst for FarOut Ventures making noise throughout the industry and in Bias’ and Glenn’s hometown, Atlanta, GA. Sent by Messenger will be followed by Glenn’s debut LP, Anthem, slated for a summer 2010 release. - Brooklyn Bodega

"Bias – Stencil ft. Glenn prod. Kris Breeze"

I absolutely love this track, produced by KrisBreeze. This will be on Bias’ second album “Sent By Messenger”. Video coming soon. - The Hip Hop Effect

"Just IN... BIAS Ft. GLENN - STENCIL (Produced by Kris Breeze)"

The homie Kris Breeze just shut this brand new record over from Atlanta-based Emcees Bias and Glenn titled 'Stencil', the 2nd single off of Bias's soon to be released album 'Sent by Messenger' which is due out in April... Check it out, lemme know what you think? - Conversations About Her

"Bias ft. Glenn – Stencil"

“Stencil” is the newest track from Georgia artist Bias (@ImSoBias) featuring Glenn (@Glennsad). The song was produced by Kris Breeze (@KrisBreeze), and will appear on Bias’ debut album Sent By Messenger, which is set to be released in mid April on Farout Records. The release will be followed by a Stateside Tour. The music video is on the way, but in the mean-time, check out the audio below! Personally speaking, I like the song. - EarDrumKrushez

"Bias ft. Glenn"

Here's the single from Bias' Sent By Messenger album. This is kinda crazy - kind of Pop-y, definitely intriguing. Simplistic flex on the beat, but it doesn't need to be super complex. Really love the way they flow as well. Watch out for Glenn's album Anthem, which is set to drop Summer 2010 as well. Shouts to FarOut for this one! - rock the dub

"Bias ft. Glenn – Stencil [Prod. by KrisBreeze]"

So this arrived in my inbox today (Shouts to Devan from FarOut Ventures), this is Bias’ first single from his upcoming album ‘Sent By Messenger’. Both of the guys are mad talented, the track is dope too. - TeamSupreme Music

"Bias ft. Glenn – Stencil"

The fresh ATLiens of Far Out come thru with another heater. Bias and Glenn have swag to spare but biters take note: Trace Carefully. - Hip-Hop: Art & Life

"Bias - Stencil ft. Glenn"

Got a couple of new-comers to the site. Two Atlanta cats, Bias and Glenn dropped this track called “Stencil”. It’s a dope take on lack of individuality. Track is produced by Kris Breeze, from Bias’ album, Sent By Messenger. - Above Ground Magazine

"Bias - Stencil (feat. Glenn)"

Keeping the Georgia rap rolling, this is the first leak off of Bias’ debut album Sent By Messenger. I’d never heard of this dude before about an hour ago, but I really like what I hear so far. Although he is an up and comer in the game (which isn’t a very special thing to say sadly), he sticks out like a sore thumb (weak, but you know what I mean). If you’re looking for something fresh to shake the dust off your hip-hop game, check out Bias. - Anchor on the Track


Run Till We Fly EP - Nov '08

Do Work Mixtape - Summer '08

Long Days, Late Nights EP - March '09

Stencil (single) - March 27, 2010 received radio play in Los Angeles, CA and on college radio in Providence, RI and Carrollton, GA.

The Life and Grinds of Glenn Saddler- March '11



Glenn is everything that his musical influences have put in place for him: fragments of hip hop, soul, new wave, folk and alternative rock. Still, his sound is as unidentifiable as they come.

Glenn always sets out to challenge himself. Born Glenn Allen Saddler II in Durant Miss. on July 14, 1988 to a single mother, the only child spent the early years of his childhood being primarily the only black child in a southern suburban climate. His conscience didn’t suffer – neither did his confidence in himself. “The experience taught me to be myself and just to be natural,” Glenn says.

Relocating to Atlanta at age 15, Glenn also found his calling in the music in his environment. An older cousin, armed with a tape recorder and a keyboard, would convince the young boy to put words and phrases together just for fun: sometimes making it mandatory for Glenn to rap. Not to mention, Glenn’s cousin nurtured his ears with OutKast, Snoop Dogg, and A Tribe Called Quest while his mother entertained his musical palette with Lauryn Hill, Otis Redding and a nice collection of soul music. Before long, Glenn would find his true idol in Jay-Z followed by The Carter 2-era Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell Williams, Elvis Costello, Coldplay, and Kanye West. He even takes his catchphrases (i.e. “I’m down!”) and turn them into infectious cultural byproducts.

After graduating from high school, an 18 year-old Glenn along with best friend, artist Bias, created a mixtape titled New Hope. He realized from this experience he could channel his personal ideals on issues that hit close to home – his absent father, dealing with racial identity, his upbringing, his friends and discovering universal truths. By 19, Glenn created his second project, So Far, and the foundation for his calling – FarOut Ventures, LLC (FOV). Originally starting out as a record label, the constantly evolving artist decided to expand FOV into a creative platform highlighting progressive music, art and management. Originally calling himself “Glenn S.,” the artist decided to condense the name to simply “Glenn.”

From that point on, a string of side projects followed: his debut EP Run ‘Til We Fly (2008), his collaboration with local Atlanta artist Kese on Do Work (2008), and Long Days, Late Nights (2009). Glenn’s initial singles, the soul-drenched “Drum Roll” and the melodic “Swing Set,” introduces a new artist to the Atlanta music scene not set on trendy dances, overprojecting swagger and broadcasting an uber machismo persona.

Glenn is a serious artist to be reckoned with. He constantly watches the great performers and classic footage – citing Prince and James Brown as masters. Inspired by such, Glenn has also created a buzz performing on college campuses including Princeton University and The University of West Georgia. He’s even coined a sub-genre, “electro-soul,” which fuses bare emotions, incredible melodies, magnificent drum arrangements and industrial pop to create a new vibe that is part rap and part harmony.

Glenn is currently at work on his debut LP, Anthem, which further examines the industrial pop and new wave influences Glenn heavily consumes. Calling the set “the most angst of any record I’ve done,” Anthem is a collection of songs highlighting insecurities (“Blue Skies” and “It’s All Happening”), shortcomings (“Expectations” and “No Tomorrows”) and redemption (“Spirits Up” and “Everyday”). Anthem is set for a 2011 release.