Glenn Stanton

Glenn Stanton



Glenn married his highschool sweetheart, Jacqueline Barnes, twenty-five years ago and they are busy raising their five young children where the praire meets the Front Range of the Rockie Mountains in Colorado. He travels extensively -- speaking and writing on cultural, family and spiritual issues -- as well as working as a researcher on global family formation trends.

He is the author of three books and a contributor to five others, as well as the author of numerous articles and reviews. He is Director of Research for Global Family Formation as well as the Senior Analyst for Marriage and Sexuality at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO. He has also served the Bush Adminstration for many years, helping to increase father involvement in the National Head Start program. He was recently chosen among leading evangelicals to participate in Christianity Today's Christian Vision Project. His presentations have been featured on C-SPAN's BookTV and he was featured in the popular PBS documentary, Affluenza.

Glenn holds a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities from the University of West Florida with an academic focus in philosophy and history. He enjoys reading anything interesting, riding his mountain bike way too fast down steep mountain trails, studying art history and visiting museums, watching and discussing movies and listening to Dylan, Elvis (the second one), Bill Malonee and Dave Matthews among others. And he loves having adventures with his kids.