It's a skewed, yet life-affirming form of alterno-pop, with periodic lashings of snap and crackle through nicely-overdriven vintage amps. There is a lot of variety in the set, we don't let the audience get bored too easily. More hooks than Rory's Fishing Tackle.


Formed in Feb 2006, Glenwash made a pretty much instant impact, snagging Hot Press' coveted "Single of the Fortnight" with the debut ep, "Bottle of Cop". Taking up where Pavement and My Bloody Valentine left off, they possess three bags full of seriously catchy riffs. Megaphones and samples stolen from top-secret NASA tapes have also been utilised to shocking effect in the live realm. Appearances at HWCH 2006 and a the IMRO Showcase Tour 2007 were further milestones on the band's epic odyssey, and after several studio sessions that have passed into Irish indie folklore, the boys are set to release their second 4-track ep, "In Glucose Harbour", in late August.


Bottle of Cop EP - (Holographic, Feb 2006)
In Glucose Harbour EP (Poltergeist Records, to be released late August 2007)

We have 4 tracks streaming at

Set List

Last nights setlist;

Expedition 13
Borrowed Time
Dead in the Head
You Were A Wizard
Uptown Outpost
Bring It On
Leave It
The Jesus Nut
The Lie-in

Our set is approximately 40/45 mins at the moment...No covers.