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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Future Shock - 10 Irish Acts to Watch Out for in 2007"

Glenwash could be the first band to put Longford on the musical map. The wonderfully named quartet of Bruce Pebbledash, Pic Steeplechase, Notes Welder and Steel Banyster had known each other for decades but it wasn't until early 2006 that they came together as a band, and were awarded Hot Press' "Single of the Fortnight" for their debut ep in Feb 2006. - Hot Press 24th Jan 2007

"Glenwash - Bring It On"

Rolling in from the prairies of Longford springs forth Glenwash who have been barely on the go for 4 months. Despite this, their myspace page already beats with the urgency of a cholesterol filled heart. In between doing the weekly 39 hours slave labour they sometimes record and sometimes play so god knows what they’d be capable of were they a full time outfit. ‘Bring It On’ is the most blatantly euphoric moment that the band possess, no point twiddling about with the subtleties when there’s a glorious hubbub to be made (for something gentler see ‘Uptown Outpost’ which is your man for Teenage Fanclub dalliances). ‘Bring It On’ conjures a mash-up involving T-Rex and Sam Beam (where he to shave off his beard and down a bottle of his namesake Jim) and would have had those animated japers Beavis & Butthead in a whir of activity where they still around. This is pregnant noise about to give birth -

"Glenwash - Bottle of Cop"

a really excellent 4 track ep written and performed by niall glennon, track one bring it on sounds like the long lost son of lo fi slackers guided by voices and pavement with its fuzzy guitars and euphoric chorus, the ep is just full of laid back lo fi sounds seamlessly swapping acoustic to electric guitars, comes highly recommened by the staff here, - road records


Out with the old, in with the new....Pats on the back for Glenwash, who offer the stirrings of something interesting. This is most definitely on the rough side (our copy came with a hand-drawn sleeve), but smacks of promise. Presumably recorded on a budget approaching zero, Glenwash still have the audacity to try and create a wall of guitar sound that pays homage to the days of Ride, Swervedriver et al, and just about manage to pull it off. This is deep down and dirty stuff, imbued with a rock and roll edge that has been sadly missing from the domestic scene of late. - Hot Press -Single of the Fortnight Review


Bottle of Cop EP - (Holographic, Feb 2006)
In Glucose Harbour EP (Poltergeist Records, to be released late August 2007)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in Feb 2006, Glenwash made a pretty much instant impact, snagging Hot Press' coveted "Single of the Fortnight" with the debut ep, "Bottle of Cop". Taking up where Pavement and My Bloody Valentine left off, they possess three bags full of seriously catchy riffs. Megaphones and samples stolen from top-secret NASA tapes have also been utilised to shocking effect in the live realm. Appearances at HWCH 2006 and a the IMRO Showcase Tour 2007 were further milestones on the band's epic odyssey, and after several studio sessions that have passed into Irish indie folklore, the boys are set to release their second 4-track ep, "In Glucose Harbour", in late August.