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Formed by alchemists in a thorny hideout halfway between Dublin and Longford in early 2006, Glenwash made its first splash with the lo-fi "Bottle of Cop" ep which was a surprise choice "Single of the Fortnight" in esteemed rock organ Hot Press in February 2006. There were comparisons drawn to outfits such as Pavement, Guided by Voices, The Flaming Lips and MBV. The band, comprised of four longtime mates, then ventured out into the live realm, playing such venues as Temple Bar Music Centre, Crawdaddy and The Lower Deck in Dublin as well as more local gigs in Longford, Mullingar, Galway, name it.

The summer ended, as all summer's must, but acceptance for HWCH 2006 brightened the darkening days, the boys going on to play a blistering prime-time set in the Hub on the Saturday night of the festival. Over the winter, all the while holding down college places and dayjobs so as not to cause suspicion among the authorities, the band beavered away on new material, including NASA samples and megaphones in their armoury of noisemaking equipment.

After more gigs, including supports with Irish rock notables Republic of Loose and Ham Sandwich and a slot on the much-sought-after IMRO Showcase Tour, the band entered the renouned Sun Studios in Dublin and started work on the (much-anticipated, it seemed) 2nd ep, "Glenwash In Glucose Harbour". After spending an obscene and possibly crippling amount of money on its 13 minutes over the course of several months, the band will celebrate its release from captivity in August 2007. After that, these sherpas of noisepop will lead you all the way to the top of the Everest that is the debut album. They can't wait.


"Bottle of Cop"ep (Holographic Records, Feb 2006)
"In Glucose Harbour" ep, (Poltergeist Records, forthcoming August 2007)

Set List

Expedition 13
Borrowed Time
The Jesus Nut
You Were a Wizard
Leave It
Bring It On
The Lie-in

Our sets are between 30 and 45 minutes, usually. All originals.