Glen Zinszer

Glen Zinszer


Polished classic, power, and smart rock.


Influences: Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Styx, Triumph, Rush, Damn Yankees.
Sets us apart: None of know how to hang drywall.
We actually played without any anticipation of making money or making it big. The music scene we live in locally does not favor live music. Some bar owners are self-interest driven leaving little opportunity for live bands.



Written By: Glen Zinszer

As I look across the plain,
The sky is blue but yet it rains.

The trees are filled with changing leaves,
and flowers grow by the silver stream.

The stream runs fast but yet it's slow.
As it shines on through with a silver glow.

I wish it was all mine,
As I stand here by the silverline,
I'm standing here b ythe silverline.

The air is fresh and the wind is clean.
I's something that is rarely ever seen
In a world that's growing up to fast,
And holds on strong to the past.
The day is old and the night is young.
As the clouds rise high about the sun.

Oh I wish it could be mine,
As I stand here by the Silverline.
I'm standing here by the Silverline.

Well I wonder if it will always be this way.
And the flowers and the trees will always stay.
Will we make right down to the end.
Or will we stop it here and be heavensent.

Well it's all right I can understand,
About the ways we live and we expand,
Through that world that's growing up too fast,
And it will always hold on to the past.
The people make it what they want to.
And they hope for thebest to come true.

(Final Chorus)
We wish there was more time
As we all stand by the Silverline
We're al standing by the Silverline.


Set List

We did a few originals that were perceived by us as popular. The cover set list included mostly classic rock with some modern rock thrown in to keep people focused!