Joel Palser-Vic.President of The Christian Broadcasting Network said of G.Le'on CD " THIS MUSIC IS MEDICINE FOR YOUR SOUL " and these songs will touch you whereever you are in life.Gospel with an urban feel or a sweet love song .


G.Le'on has worked and written for some of music greats including Donnie McClurkin,The Moments,Blue Magic,The original Temotations,The Jackson5,Delight Records,RCA, just to name a few G.Le'on grew up inAmityville L.I New York in a musical family which includes the platium selling singer Kelly Price his first cousin.An ordained minister,"G" as his close friends call him has waited for such a time as this!


" STILL GONNA DANCE " along with " AT YOUR RED SEA " is geting much attention over the air ways as well as some non traditional places these clips can be heard on Jondra Music Group web site with more information on G.Le'on that's www.jondramusicgroup.com