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The best kept secret in music



Think independent, upbeat, powerful and sonic, and you have the opening landscape of Glib's latest full-length record entitled, "Folie De Deux". Drawing on the earlier days of Fugazi's side-armed vocalist Guy Picciotto, Jets to Brazil, The Pixies, Superdrag, and Husker Du, and the more complex movements of the late 70's punk rock revolution, Glib intertwine the musical equation that can bring forth a chemical fire on or off-stage. The songs balance a mixture of 3/4's hate and 1/4 love for the listener to absorb. Front-man Christopher Lee throws as much attitude as he does heart-break into his coarse and reverberating vocal lines and fluent bass writing. Guitarist Stirling Krusing sends out sonically crushing guitar signals that wrap the message behind Glib's indie-rock force into well-crafted songs. However, it goes without saying that the superb percussion of this band by Gabe Galvin, is the steering wheel that twists and turns Glib's musical regime. Glib are currently on tour in support of "Folie De Deux" and are working with Bridgeport Entertainment for dates in Western, PA. In conclusion, Glib have managed to surface their own sound amidst the independent music scene and have rightfully gained added respect along their way. Their latest work, "Folie De Deux", is a great album with excellent production that is a must have for any fan of good music. - John Johnson


EP: Pink Album1999
LP: Folie De Deux 2002


Feeling a bit camera shy


Although the members of Glib were not all born on the same side of the Mason Dixon Line, they have found unity unsurpassed by any recognized union from Vermont to Hawaii. These All-American Rock and Roll heroes are spawn not of the gates of hell, or the up-the-river-without-a-paddle mentality of a salmon in heat. Not since Jesus and the apostles has there been a more synchronic swar`e of harmony and melody.

The hot glue of the band is its rhythm keeper, Gabe Galvin. Professionally schooled in the cement jungles of New York City, his drumming reflects his hard life and his roots in this haven of sin and hedonism. His beat keeping can be likened to the wild impulses of Ron Jeremy's well hung patronage; fast, hard, and solid.

The diligent strummer of the sweetest rock and roll to ever abound from Earth comes from the brave soul of Stirling Krusing! Sterling's drug of choice is electric guitar, which he wields like a Barbarian manipulating a mace (a metal ball with sharp pointy things on it dangling from a chain.) If rock and roll were a weapon, the government would never let Sterling get behind an electric guitar.

Glib's ace-in-the-hole is their lead singer and bass guitarist. He's got the charisma of Elvis without the Southern Charm. Watch out girls! His crooning encompasses the embodiment of a real empath. This rock singer has the ability to feel what you feel and to see what you see. The angst-ridden impulses of Christopher Lee will make you warm in your bed at night!

The best advice you can ever take, is to drop what your doing now, even if you're having intercourse for the first time (especially if you're a girl so you can save it for the members of Glib), and go out to see them play! Real American Rock and Roll genius happens maybe only a few times in your life, so experience it with Glib!