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Glideascope @ Jazz Cafe

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Glideascope @ Martinez Hotel

Cannes, Not Applicable, France

Cannes, Not Applicable, France

Glideascope @ The Pool

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Richard Sullivan - March 2006

Glideascope's debut EP 'With Strings Attached' introduced his producers vision: a heavy emphasis on blissful cinematics, an ear for a sweet melody and some super-chilled downtempo beat science. Not sounding all that fresh on paper? Somehow it does on wax. Think Massive Attack meets Craig Armstrong meets DJ Cam, but slightly less urban and a little more multi-cultural.

This debut full-length, recorded over a two year period, occupies the same mystifying niche as the EP - ragamuffin raps, saccharine soul, political speeches providing the global village feel, but pacified with warm swelling strings, and an alluring ambience.

It could all be so horrible but no, it's pretty damn good.

With dub at its heart, ‘Audio Cinematography’ serves up a delicious selection of down tempo vibrations and, as the title suggests, by pulling in elements of hip hop, Indian and African folk, classical and electronica, is a lot more than your average bass n’ space album. Alongside the impressive melody and orchestration, a political undercurrent runs through the LP, on stand out vocal number ‘Big Big Disgrace’ and through the choice of samples on ‘War On Error’ and ‘Stop The War’, and these sentiments fuse well with the melancholic and gently uplifting sound of the album. ‘Audio Cinematography’ would benefit from being a bit more succinct, and as such would probably capture a wider audience, but with a number of inspired collaborations this is a delightful and daring piece of work. - IDJ Magazine Jan 2006


With Strings Attached EP 2003

Chris Coco is currently championing Audio Cinematography on Radio 1, Blue Room Sessions

Album - Audio Cinematography to be released 2nd Quarter 2006

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Glideascope - the only UK act to appear as a MIDEM Buzz Band for 2006.

November 2003 witnessed Glideascope's debut chill out release, a five-track EP entitled "With Strings Attached." MTV licensed the EP for their U.S.-based documentary "MADE;" and its corresponding success sealed the distribution and publishing deal with Jet Star Music.

Commenting on this exciting relationship, Hugh Francis, Head of Intellectual Property at Jet Star stated, “Most of my career has been spent with powerful, groundbreaking, branded music creators, and Glideascope has created an album to remind us that music truly is the food of life. Jet Star is always looking for opportunities to extend the brand across music lines, and the broad spectrum of “Audio Cinematography” will enrich the quality of many people’s lives.”

The upcoming album “Audio Cinematography” recorded over the last two years, culminates in emotive electronica, live orchestral strings, world music landscapes, and downtempo beats whilst plunging into the depth-charged dub reggae of old.

Glideascope revealed, “I wanted to create an album that was representative of my musical heritage and extensive travels across the globe – an experimental journey fusing classical orchestration, reggae, the roots of hip hop together with African and Indian folk music, creating a composite of acoustic and electronic textures. Appealing not only to audiophiles listening intently on an expensive hi-fi, but also for those wanting a relaxing soundtrack.”

Whilst completing the mastering session at the Abbey Road studios in London, chief mastering engineer Chris Blair described Glideascope’s music as, “The most interesting music I have heard in a good while, with a recording quality, depth, and production brilliance that deserves cult status.”

“Audio Cinematography” demonstrates a free flowing mix of beats blended with cinematic melodies. The album's title suggests an audio-visual aspect to Glideascope’s music, giving “Audio Cinematography” its unique sense of purpose.

"I wanted to do something that was cinematic," Glideascope explained. "When I’m composing I think in terms of moving images creating a canvas that people can fill with their own pictures and emotions. Striving to take listeners on an interactive journey.”

In marked contrast to a number of electronic artists, Glideascope also delivers innovative live performances, incorporating stunning vocals, orchestral strings, visuals and world percussion. DJ Magazine ensured that his live set was a main feature at the party marking their 10th anniversary of publishing in Ibiza, held at Pacha’s spectacular El Hotel in Ibiza Town. DJ Magazine’s write-up declared, "The music of up-and-coming producer Glideascope promoted a chilled and relaxed atmosphere and was the perfect way to kick-start the weekend celebrations in Ibiza.”

Album track "Big Big Disgrace" was previewed on the 2005 Miami WMC (Winter Music Conference) official compilation CD, earning a Top 5 ranking and the WMC stating “We really dig this.” Leading Internet music journalist Arjan Timmermans ( described “Big Big Disgrace” as “Mozart meeting Shabba Ranks meeting Groove Armada.”

In recognition of his independent status, Glideascope, recently launched the "Big Big Disgrace" remix competition. This competition, in collaboration with the NCIAA (National Club Industry Association of America) and several additional industry sponsors, attracted over 550 entrants. The winner has been granted the opportunity to feature on the single to be released early in 2006 – which also features remixes by Daz-I-kue of Bugz In Da Attic, and veteran reggae producers Mafia and Fluxy. Glideascope admitted, "As an artist who appreciates how difficult it is to get your 'voice' heard within the music industry, any opportunity to raise the profile of unsigned and independent artists is welcome.”

With listeners looking to classify new music by genre, inspirations from trip hop, classical and reggae will make "Audio Cinematography" difficult to pigeon-hole. However to Glideascope, "It is simply music breaking down the barriers. With the world becoming smaller, isn’t it natural to be influenced by everything you hear?"

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