G-Life Music

G-Life Music

BandHip Hop

movement music plain and simple.we from the East side of Houston tx.our music is here to show the world hiphop cant die.G-lifes not about let dat happen


1st of all (we are the only unsigned group in Houston gettin spins in the club and the Radio) ask about us.
3 men put together at a young age and forced to cary there city on there back.with lyrics like you never heard and styls of rap so catchy you cant help but to like.G-life Music the next Real group outta Houston Tx. that really can Rap we not just on dat candy paint,sippin syrup shit.if u from Tx u know every does dat.we here to show the world we aint playin.if u rap step your vocab up and get ready cuz we comin.G-Life Music


1st single gettin much love in all of the Houston clubs "Got U Leanin".then we have "My Next Dollar" its hot its been on 97.9 da box.we are the only underground group gettin played in the clubs period.ask about us

Set List

3 songs set bout 13 min max for our shows.we have longer and shorter show sets.so dont count us out.