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Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn, New York, United States
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"Highline Ballroom"

Headline Performance - Indie Islands

"Against All Odds"

Gliffics gets major co-cosigns. - Indie Islands

"Gliffics - Life Is Like A Movie"

Against All Odds, Gliffics debuts a hip hop box office smash
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – Real-life stories make the greatest motion pictures. Hip hop composer, performer and producer, Gliffics' life could be easily made into a hit movie. Gliffics’ debut album, Against All Odds, proves that his life story is as strong as any box office hit. The prose and poetry of his adversities is found within each of the twelve musical tracks. These songs merge into autobiographical musical expression of his struggles and triumph over them. Against All Odds demonstrates that Gliffics has arrived. The result is twelve “flicks” of hip hop hits.
Against All Odds features a combination of flavors. There is hip hop, touches of R&B - along with hints of pop and urban. Once into the album, you realize that Gliffics is anything but your typical hip hop performer. His compositions yield a positive and motivational message. His songs are not about advertising himself. He explains, “I don’t typically like to write about the money, the cars, or the clothes,” Gliffics continues, “My goal is simple; always put out excellent quality that gives my fans the initiative to embrace the positive and overcome the negative through music.”
Against All Odds was not merely the result of Gliffics’ talents only. While he composed most of the tracks on the project, he had a group of serious professionals backing him. The album features the production prowess of Illmind (Eminem and 50 Cent.) As well, as the very talented songwriting skills of Lenny Harold. “I’m only as good as the team around me. I feel grateful to have had these guys working with me on this album,” states Gliffics.
Some of the key tracks on Against All Odds are the lead single “Call Me Crazy” - a robust, feel-good tune, with a pop sound and well-crafted lyrics. “We Don’t Stop” hits hard with a retro feel, blended with a catchy chorus as well as an excellent flow. Other compelling tracks are “Your Favorite Pharaoh” and “Ghost Town.” Want some motivation? “Aim for the Sky” speaks directly to the listener, rising above negativity while fueled with a metaphysical message - the sky is not even the limit for this track. All twelve tracks are wrapped into an addicting menagerie of muse.
Using his own lyrics from “Life is Like a Movie,” will tell you more than anything about Gliffics and Against All Odds; “I'm focused on what's in front of me - and what a man that's become of me - and I'm a’ be what I'm set out to be - I guarantee not a damn thing stopping me.” Gliffics knows his fans and what they want. He’s not giving up, nor going away. His “Life is Like a Movie” - there are lights, cameras, action and drama. However, you can’t experience any of this until you hear Against All Odds. This debut will hit the hip-hop box office hard, so buy a “ticket” to Gliffics’ hip hop box office smash ... Against All Odds. - Indie Islands


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