Emotion, passion, and driving rock, these words define the music and mission of Glimpse, the Seattle three piece set to take the music world by storm.


Originally formed in 2006, Glimpse's style has been described as dark, introspective rock. To achieve there sound Glimpse combines the unforgettable melodies, haunting voice and powerful lyrics of Josh Ott with the evocative lead guitar and driving rhythm of Jason Ott. Add to this the propulsive bass and drums of Josh and Nick Platter and you have the exciting new brand of modern rock that is Glimpse. The music is hook laden at its best, with lyrical substance that stands above the crowd. Glimpse avoids the cliche's of most modern rock bands by staying true to themselves and there integrity. Add this to an incredibly electrifying live show and you have a band poised to make there mark in a big way.

Powered by the release of their new single "Nothin" which stayed in high regular rotation on Seattles #1 Rock station 99.9 KISW Glimpse recently finished a tour of the southwest and is currently playing a variety of local and regional gigs. Recent notable accomplishments include performing on the main stage at the whiteriver amphitheatre with acts that include Sevendust, Trapt, Cold and Smile Empty Soul. Other accomplishments include their single "Stay" being featured on the hit WB show "One Tree Hill". Along with this Glimpse's single "Truth Be told" that landed on the Columbia Tri-Star release of "Cruel Intentions 3". Glimpse has also been involved in a variety of interviews on and Glimpse has recieved radio airplay and done well on the college radio stations all up and down the west coast. This along with recieving heavy airplay on XM Radios own Unsigned channel. In the process of playing live and distributing their music, Glimpse has established a very respectable fan base. Their official fan club boasts over 2,500 members and has street team members in over 20 states and even some over seas. Regarding their growing popularity Jason says, "It shows that we are truley connecting with people, which is the whole point, it's a great indication of how well our music is recieved." Glimpse's local success can be attributed to more than just the quality of their music: they possess something which many bands do not, a definable image that stays true to their individuality and convictions. More importantly they have firm personal philosophies that connect with the humanity present to everyone, even their love songs rise above the norm and speak to aspects of relationship rarely voiced in music today. It is the mix of strong messages, solid image and great music that has led to their ever increasing popularity.

Glimpse is currently working on fine tuning songs with Producer Rick Parasshar for an upcomming CD release. Rick Parashar has credits with {Pearl Jam, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down and many more multi-platinum selling artists. Glimpse is excited because Rick has a way of capturing their vision, dreams and live show by letting the passion, energy, and pure emotions shine through. Glimpe is currently planning a regional tour with stops at SXSW in 2009. Glimpse has also promoted their latest EP through a variety of avenues including radio, press and personal appearences. As for their chances at national success Josh has this to offer; "Predicting the future is a dangerous business but I do know that this is a band that connects with people. Our messages are real and our music comes directly from our emotions, as long as the fans keep coming, we'll keep playing."



Written By: Josh Ott

(Verse 1)
You're a spot No
You're a stain,
You're on my soul,
You're on my brain,
You're in the walls
You're in the air,
You're in my lungs
You're everywhere,
You're in the ground,
You're in the sky,
You're there when I'm born and
You're there when I die
You're in my blood
I feel you rise like, Mercuy

(Pre Chorus 1)
You never looked so good to me
Than when I'm drownin in misery, Yeah

There's nothin that I wouldn't do
There's nothin that I wouldn't do
There's nothin that I wouldn't do

(Verse 2)
I want your thoughts
Everything that you think
I want it all, the kitchen sink
I want your blood
I want your sweat
Don't want you dry
You gotta get wet, So
Come right in
The waters fine
Just one word and you'll always be mine
You're always, You're Always, You're ALWAYS

(Pre Chorus 2)
You never looked so good to me
Than when you're drownin in misery, Yeah

There's nothin that I wouldn't do
There's nothin that I wouldn't do
There's nothin that I wouldn't do


(Pre Chorus 3)
You never looked so good to me
You got me drownin in misery, yeah
For you I'd trade my very life
There's nothin that i wouldn't do to make you mine

There's nothin that I wouldn't do
There's nothin that I wouldn't do
There's nothin that I wouldn't do


Glimpse - Self Titled debut release
Glimpse - See without Sight - Full length
Glimpse - The Green Album - EP, Single Stay featured in the hit WB show "One Tree Hill", single "Truth Be Told" featured in upcoming Columbia Tri-Star release of Crule Intentions 3, All songs did well on college radio on west coast
Glimpse - The Red Album - All songs have been recieve a respectable amount of airplay on XM radio.
Glimpse - "Into My Hands" EP continues to be a best seller at sam goody in local washington state.
Glimpse - Sessions from the Garage (Self produced out of the garage gearing towards a national release with producer Rick Parashar (PearlJam , Nickelback , 3 Doors Down, Bon Jovi)

Set List

Original Material + one or two covers done our way - Preferably 35 - 40 min sets But can play up to 1.5 hours if needed.....