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Glinda's Bubble


Glinda's Bubble's new full length CD, The Other Side of Now, available April 2004. Intelligent, rocking, filled with power and poetry and insight, this debut from the mind of singer/songwriter Phyllis Dwyer will find it's way into your heart and your head. Adult Album Alternative.


Beautiful, powerful, unsettling...Glinda's Bubble is music by Phyllis Dwyer, on guitar in original open tunings, supported by a power pop unit and interesting, quirky arrangements. Phyl has her roots in acoustic music, but her songwriting has led her to grow and experiment with an ever-widening variety of genres and moods...backed by a group of musicians devoted to her vision, Glinda's Bubble projects her music in a powerful and unusual package.

Phyl includes among her musical heroes: Peter Gabriel, Jane Siberry, Shawn Colvin, Jonatha Brooke, Joni Mitchell



Written By: Phyllis Dwyer

Who died and made you my savior
Go away just leave me to my own
Each day drags its sorry self, into another
My doctor gives me these to ease my torture

All day she craves more kryptonite, to savor
She wants, believes more kryptonite can save her

And I just keep thinking things will be fine, they’ll fall into to line
And love’s the answer

I play a very good Samaritan, stopped today, alright no questions
Can you hear me through the fog, can you feel your liberty
Drowning in your addiction, you choose poison over me

Worship The Ground

Written By: Phyllis Dwyer

Please don’t bring me the moon
When all I want is for you to love me
Nothing else can do, more than kindness and flattery

And I’ll worship the ground, worship the ground
You walk on

Please don’t bring me bad news
This past year has been so alarming
What I need from you, is to take away this heartache

Caught up in dreams I walk I run
I spin around the sun, back here on earth I feel the pull
Of wanting back our love

This Sore

Written By: Phyllis Dwyer

I fight a good fight, I waged the right wars
Where are you when I need you,
Why don’t you ever seem to get through
Frankly, I got bored, shifting in the pew
Feeling like a whore, among the chosen few
Sifting for you

I want to be free, want to be whole
All feeling, all knowing, accepting, revealing
Except, for this sore

I’ve held my own, held my own ground
Raged against the foreigners, the anarchists, and demons
I’ve found

I’m convinced you snored, slept right on through
Through the whole incident with me, the protagonist,
In this your script

Strike me down if it will please you, why did you call me
Dead in my free will, I’m still talking

I fight a good fight I waged the right wars
Where were you when I need you


Behind the Moon (2000)
Ancient Voices (EP) (2002)
The Other Side of Now (April 2004)
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Set List

Short set - 45 minutes: Kryptonite, Last Gasp, Worship the Ground, Holy War, Dance Floor, This Sore.
Have 2+ hours of original material for full night shows.
A few well chosen Beatles psychedelic covers.