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"BuyIndieMusic Compilation review 3"

"Waking Up" by Australian band Glister, is a solid indie-pop offering à la Belly or Juliana Hatfield. Vocalist Samantha (no last name given) has female indie-pop vocals down pat, and the rest of the band is equally as solid on their respective instruments. If they can extrapolate more solid songs from the female-fronted, '90s alt-band formula, they may be promising. - Pop Matters

"Waking Up Review"

Actually, I do have someone I can tell you about. It's a band called Glister and they're from Australia. I first heard them on a compilation CD and the tune they had on there really stood out, so, I got in touch. A short time later, I got a copy of their four song CD, "Queensland," to check out and I was floored. It's only twelve minutes long...not really a lot of music when you think about it. But, for those twelve're in heaven. Bear Share has them listed as a "sparkling pop rock band" with "hypnotic female vocals" and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. They've got a great sound that you can't help but fall in love with. Believe me, "Queensland" is a disc that's well worth picking up. It's full of positive energy and it puts you in a good mood when you listen to it. We need more music like this! - PA Rocks

"Be There Soon review 2"

Be There Soon
Critic’s score: 3.5 out of 5
Review by Morris Bryant

Blue Mountians group Glister deliver catchy guitar-driven pop for ‘be there soon’, the band’s first full-length release. But being guitar-driven doesn’t deny the female vocalist the chance to compete; the boisterous and seductive vocals in the style of Kiling Heidi topping off this tight debut.

The album was recorded at Gangstar Studios in 2002 and was produced by ex-1927 member Dave Dwyer. While touching on folk influences, as well as the rhythmic grooves of the track ‘lullabye’, the guitar riffs are often reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins tracks.

‘Be There Soon’ also boasts some pretty fine artwork that’ll have you looking twice when picking this one up – a saviour considering the name Glister may either remind you of a mouthwash product or a skin disorder.

Definitely a good opener for a band that will have a lot to show us in their future releases.
- Blue Mountains Review, September 2005

"Be There Soon review 3"

REVIEW August 05 from issue 120 (print)

Be There Soon

Glister could be a nasty skin complaint but in fact its the name of the galaxy's most hypnotic rock band (according to the press release anyway). Who would have thought it eh? The galaxys most hypnotic rock band living just down the road in the Blue Mountains. What are the chances? They're just kidding of course. Glister know they aren't that good - but Be There Soon is still pretty enjoyable stuff.
For one thing, Samantha's vocals are a definite asset. She's equally comfortable narrating a tale me teen summer love ('Queensland') as she is describing the death of a relationship ('Over'). She and the band also sparkle on 'Fuel For The Fire', where a punchy, rocking finale fades into a sombre, dreamlike epilogue. Billy Corgan would approve.
Unfortunately the quality does dip elsewhere. 'always about you' is pleasant cranberries-style fare but the song structure is irritatingly repetitive, whilst 'lullabye' looks for the Chilli Peppers' rolling groove without ever really finding it.
But lets end on a positive note. Kudos should go to artwork designer John Curtin. His cartoon depiction of the group battling a space octopus deserves the full 12'' gatefold LP treatment. It's perfect for the galaxy's most hypnotic rock band.

Review By Andy McLean / The Brag (120) 08/08/05
4/5 - The Brag

"GLISTER - Be There Soon"

Offering from local group Glister, is the up tempo and very catchy "Be There Soon", one of the most promising indie releases for this season. A nice mix of rock and pop, the vibe you get from this album is an instant catchy style with a buck-etload of originality. Standout tracks include Chasing The Moon and current single ŒWaking Up¹. On rotation on Channel V and RAGE, this CD is definitely one to keep your eyes peeled for! Oh, and you gotta love the album artwork too! An AWESOME release!
5/5 POPpoints
- POP Republic

"Glister - Queensland review"


Blue Mountains four-piece Glister are clearly barking up a similar sonic tree to chart-manglers Killing Heidi and, on evidence here, they’re not lagging all that far behind Ella and co. Sure, they need to polish up a little and those lead vocals need tightening, but they’ve got a strong handle on professionalism and accessibility and that holds ’em in real good stead. A strong portent and a worthy teaser to the debut set Be There Soon…, due mid-year. Features three bonus cuts.

Review by Richard Kwong.
- Time Off magazine

"Glister - Queensland review 2"

REVIEW from Bombshell Zine

Single - 4 Tracks -

Power pop rock from this Western Sydney based 4 piece. Very guitar driven throughout boosted by female vocals, make that very strong female vocals, This gal has a rad voice. The single 'Queensland' is a boppy upbeat number that holds it's own. Up next is my selection of a fave, the very Skulker sounding track 'Waking Up' which i heard a few weeks back on the 'Damaged' compilation cd. A very strong whoooah wo wo type chorus which i guess gives it the Skulker comparison. Great track and some tidy guitar work in behind the vocals too.
'Falling' is a smooth ballad, again the vocals really standout and make the track, while the lyrics to this one i really dug. A nice mellow piece. Switch up the energy level a touch and you have the closer 'Spacedog' a great guitar based song, really good closer. Any number of these tracks could slot in well on radio, look out for this band if power pop is your thing, they're sure to do well.

The Verdict - 8.5/10 -
Review By : Bomber
- Bombshell Zine

"Buyindiemusic Compilation review 1"

REVIEW September 2004 from

Various Artists
Blackdog Promotions


Glister (alt pop) with “Waking Up”. These guys are so cool. It is pop but a little dirty, perfect!


Reviewed by Mask316 - 1340mag

"Buyindiemusic Compilation review 2"

REVIEW July 2004 from

Various Artists
Blackdog Promotions

The songs in this compilation cover a lot of ground, so I will take them one by one:
"Unseen Forces" by Timothy Dark is an in-your-face hip hop number about "the demon in you" with a dark sound along with Dark's vocals.
"Is It a Sin" by the Shade is a mid tempo Country ballad that mixes electric and acoustic guitars.
"Wrap Me In Your Love" by Emmett North, Jr. is a hip hop number that begins with just North's voice and percussion before going into pop romance mode. It has interesting beats, but is too long at seven and a half minutes.
"Always the Bridesmaid" by Ariel Aparico is a dramatic rock ballad. Aparico sings in a low voice, goes to a high range, and then recites some of the lyrics. So offbeat, it makes you want to hear more of this guy.
"Playaz's Anthem" by Heat is called R&B on the CD, but it sounds more like hip-hop with a romantic theme. Interesting in that it mixes African-American and Latin voices.
'Crutch' by Informer is a hard rock song that sounds typical of the genre.
'Speak So Loud' by 4th Plane Jaiant is called modern rock. Not ahead of its time, but is sounds just  different enough to be interesting, combining a heavy beat with excellent vocals and an unusual melody.
"Soft" by Auratrona sounds hard instead of soft. Otherwise, not much there.
"I Am the One" by Shadow Pointe is more melodc rock, with a prog sound that is a bit mysterious. This song makes you want to hear more of them.
"Laugh (It's A Joke)' by Michael Hirsch shows that Michael can't sing that well when he is strumming an electric guitar with minimal backup. I agree with the title.
"The Future of People Anonymous" by Orsontrain has the singer repeating "whitewash and poppycock" or something like that. I guess this song is meaningful since it is called alternative rock.
"Fight the Good Fight" by 23 Red does just that in this ready for action cut.

"Waking Up" by Glister features a girrl singer in a pop/rock song that, well, wakes you up. Because it's good.

  "Pale Yellow Divine" by Alex Machine is anything but pale. The lead singer sounds mean and spits out "no one's gonna notice/no one's gonna care." Maybe not, but this cut rocks in an industrial way.
"Elevate" by Purge has a lead singer even meaner than the one on the last cut. I can't understand what he is singing, but he sure is pissed off. I'm afraid to ask. It's metal the way it should be.
This CD is a good introduction to a lot of artists, although you will probably pick and choose certain songs to just sit down and listen to it.

Review by Dave Howell

"Glister - Queensland review 3"

REVIEW 05/03 from

Glister: Queensland
In 50 words or less: Second release from this power-pop quartet from Sydney's Penrith region, Glister have seemed to discover their sound in this EP. Unpretentious and up front power pop possessing enough charm and bubbly exuberance to bring it home.
Best Track(s): Falling - Juliana Hatfield vocal stylings with a bit of grit. Nice.
Smells Like.... At times the kindred spirit of Killing Heidi, at others like Juliana Hatfield's younger sister.
Hit or Shit: It's a grower, and from the big moon steps taken from their last release, this EP has ample brownie points.

Review by Jaz
- Ozmusicproject


- Binary Boy / Creatures demo available through

- Be There Soon... (2005) full length album out now through and

- Queensland (single - 2004). Includes the track 'Waking Up' which has received airplay on KAOSfm, NOVA and the video clip has been aired in Australia on Channel [V], RAGE, MTV and Ch31. Tracks are available through iTunes Music Store and The Orchard.



Glister is based in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia. The band plays a range of guitar-based music, from gently layered intricate songs through to catchy up-beat melodic rock, all immersed in Samantha’s sparkling vocals. The music has been described as both hypnotic rock and power pop.

As well as singing, Samantha also plays guitar. Mark is the main guitarist and songwriter, Chris is the bass player, and Troy beats the drums.

The band cite influences such as The Superjesus, George, Lisa Loeb, Madder Rose, Smashing Pumpkins, Something For Kate, Killing Heidi and Swirl. They have been likened to "Blondie meets Black Sabbath".

Glister recently released their first full length album, titled ‘Be There Soon…’. It was recorded at Gangstar Studios in the Blue Mountains with Dave Dwyer (ex 1927) in the producer’s seat. The finishing touches were then added by mastering guru Don Bartley (of Studio 301 fame). The single ‘Waking Up’ has been receiving strongly positive reviews. The stunning single artwork was put together by an old school-friend, John Curtin, who will also be doing the album artwork.

Glister have played more gigs than they can count, including local pubs (Kelts Bar, Planet Rock, Hotel Gearin), inner-city pubs (Hopetoun, Bar Broadway, Bat N Ball, Club 77 etc), festivals (Grounded, Prankfest, Winter Magic, Black Stump) and a few shows further a field (Newcastle, Bathurst). In addition, Glister have played repeated periods of residency at the Blue Tongue Café in Glenbrook, showing a more intimate acoustic side to the band.

Glister have had tracks featured on many compilation CDs in Australia and the USA including Grow Your Own 8, 1, and Skratch Magazine sampler.

More info about the band can be found at the website