Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

"We're Glister. We're from the country. We play rock'n'roll." A hard-rockin' hair metal mash that’ll make you want to slam back your whiskey, light up a cig and bang some head. Honest-as-hell songwriting done right. AC/DC, Rolling Stones, and Nashville Pussy -- inspiration for a party everytime.


No stoplights, no malls, no fast food – no rock’n’roll. Glister began in small town Oklahoma. The small town life where people are honest and neighbors. The same towns where everyone has a closed mind and little tolerance for rockin’ or rollin’. Everyone except these three, of course.

So Glister waited.

Waited on the farm, drowning out the tractor's engine by blasting AC/DC. Waited in the hog barns, with Rolling Stones riffs snuffing out the snorts.

These hen-house-rockers waited for what seemed the most practical of times: until after high school. Then they cut loose and high-tailed it to a low-rent trailer on the ‘skirts of that big city at state’s center.

Wasn’t much else on their minds but being the most balls-to-wall rock’n’roll band that ever bolted out of western Oklahoma. They figured life couldn’t get any better than making an honest living tearing up any hole-in-the-wall dive that lets them in the doors, so they set out to do it.

Couple years, couple tattoos, couple run-ins with big city lawmen and a couple sugar mommas later, Glister’s amping up every bar corner, main stage, house party and downtown club they come across. It’s a hillbilly, hair metal mash-up that’ll make you want to slam back your whiskey, light up a Lucky Strike and bang some head.

There’s nothing fancy about it: Frontman Trafton Barney was born with punk rock recklessness and hair metal hooks (and looks) in his veins. Bassist Cooper Edmonds has the soul of a bluesman. Drummer Kody Hookstra is a four-on-the-floor fury of rock’n’roll.

That simple spell has won over no-nonsense music lovers far and wide. You know, the type who hunts for honesty and solid songs instead of the pansy, prima donna puss rock mucking up music scenes everywhere.

Glister writes songs about women picking up the tab for a night on the town, getting backed into a corner and coming out fighting and sleepless nights on the open road.

Fueled on attitude and alcohol, Glister’s live shows have been known to end with a smattering of blood, sweat, and/or puke. Much like a good romp in the bedroom (or bathroom), you’ll need a cigarette after a Glister show – even if you don’t smoke.

And what’s best, Glister’s barely gotten started. Check out their new album Hit Job.

Band Contact:

Kody Hookstra


"Too Fast To Die" (2006)
"Hit Job" (2009)

Set List

Our sets usually run for one hour

Make Her Dance
Hit Job
Got You
Give It Up
30 Minutes to Domination
Mother Trucker
Rock'n'Roll Blues
Knuckles Up
Bad Bad Dream
Sharpen Your Blade
Can't Slow Down
Sugar Momma
Give Us Our Money
One Night
She Won't Back Down
Back Alley Baby

Covers upon request