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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The 3 EPs: The A.V. Club reviews new EPs from Tiger Bones, Milano, and Glittermouse"

Glittermouse, Signs Of Life EP

A name like Glittermouse might conjure up images of disco balls and electronic musicians with a flair for fashion. Instead, Glittermouse leans more toward The New Pornographers than New Young Pony Club on the band’s first EP.
Glittermouse is all about fun; don’t expect much in the line of angst or self-loathing. The four songs on Signs Of Life are brimming with the sort of inoffensive, bouncy pop-rock that lends itself to group sing-a-longs. The male and female vocal delivery on each track causes the listener to imagine the band’s members smiling through the recording session.
The EP’s opener, “(They Have) Real Sugar (in Seattle),” sounds a bit like Lawrence, Kansas emo-pop group The Anniversary, complete with palm-muted guitars and sudden tempo changes. The EP’s standout track, “Please Not Pulsars,” hints at the band’s untapped potential with a simple keyboard melody, smooth vocals, and soaring delayed guitar effect. Glittermouse is at its best when it adopts a more straightforward approach the the songwriting. - Bob Marshall And Marah Eakin


Super Tactical Turbo Ultrascope Demo | 2008
1. Wake Up and Dream
2. Red Balloons
3. Please Not Pulsars
4. Carry On Cadillac
5. Touched
6. Eyeballs

Signs Of Life EP | 2010
1. (They Have) Real Sugar (In Seattle)
2. Please Not Pulsars
3. Red Balloons
4. The Power

Fuck Yeah! OR The Rainbow Beast, The Broken Bomb and The Fate Of The Earth EP | 2011
1. Hexagigagon
2. Animal Craquerz
3. Touched
4. Big Bent

L*ve EP | 2011
1. Are You Are?
2. Purple Blues
3. Lola Cherry Cola
4. Porn Stars and Promises (We're in Love)

Please Not Pulsars | Signs of Life EP gets regular Airplay on Q101 (101.1 FM) in Chicago, IL.



Glittermouse has been a self-reliant band from its inception two years ago in the summer of 2009, and has stuck by its independence ever since. Through many stages of growth, the band has managed to derive a sound best described as an amalgamation of indie rock, prog rock, and glam rock, refusing to be pinned in any one genre. By unconventional means, the band creates a well orchestrated driving sound that has become a staple amongst their loyal fan-base. It is for all these reasons that Glittermouse has found itself among the top emerging artists in the Windy City.
The band was formed in 2009 by frontman Michael Koester and a collection of his better friends. It’s this camaraderie that allows for a fun and incredibly energetic live performance embraced by fans. The very first song “Wake Up and Dream” was an instant hit in the music scene of the Second City and led to a student-helmed music video shortly thereafter. But Glittermouse was not content to fit into its initial happy pop niche and soon began to explore the more eclectic roots of its seven members.
Since that formation, Glittermouse has gained momentum in the Chicago music scene; conquering legendary local venues like Metro, Double Door and Schubas. During this period, the band has undergone a series of lineup changes that has resulted in the strongest group since its formation, without forfeiting the strong youthful energy of their inimitable live performances. Their sound has also matured from a simplistic bubbly composition to a powerhouse of roaring melodies and layered harmonies. Glittermouse’s steady ascent in Chicago is proof enough the band is up to the challenge of balancing accessibility with originality that is presented to all musicians. With their passion and determination, Glittermouse is bound for great musical heights.