Glitter Pals

Glitter Pals


spazzcore duo unleashing unbridled optimism upon anyone within hearing distance.


Since proclaiming their friendship in early 2004, Poughkeepsie, NY duo, Glitter Pals have been slaying audiences with their optimism. Jake (drums) and Mookie (guitar/vocals) coalesce into a lovechild as
spastic as THE CRIMSON CURSE and as epic as SLEEP...except these buddies do it in a 15 minute set.

Their alarming and untethered shows (Mookie sings through a wireless lapel mic and play a wireless guitar) have redefined audience participation. Oftentimes, the crowd will find the two pals playing the same song on separate floors.

In September, 2004, the duo attempted to wrangle their explosive live sound with legendary New York producer, MARTIN BISI (SONIC YOUTH,
SWANS, THE BOREDOMS). The result, UNLEASH THE COMPASSION, is certain to be one of the most self-assured and exciting debuts of 2005.

UNLEASH THE COMPASSION is filled with four grandiose psalms form the good book of friendship and devotion. It is earnest. It is brutal. It is unabashedly catchy and uplifting. Glitter Pals are out to save you.


Unleash the Compassion CDEP